Alteryx for Qlik®: Accelerated Data Preparation and Advanced Analytics

Alteryx Starter Kit for Qlik

Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Qlik and get a series of workflows that perform Data Transposing, Polygon Creation, Multi-Channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Retail Location Selection, Market Basket Analysis and more, plus a set of Qlik workbooks that provide pre-configured visualizations for each of these Alteryx modules.

Business analysts are increasingly called upon to perform advanced analytics. Their position enables them to get deeper into the business issues and follow up questions that need to be answered to make the right decisions. But to bring the scale companies need, the technology used to get these answers has to be accessible and intuitive for these users. Together Alteryx and Qlik provide:

  • Speed to Insight. Accelerate data preparation and the delivery of advanced analytics to business users in a self-service, searchable BI & discovery environment.
  • Power to Analysts. Put the power of advanced predictive and spatial analytics in the hands of business users — and make those analytics easier to explore.
  • Reduce IT Burden. Address the common customer requirements for lines of business to perform their own analytics and reduce the burden on IT.

Accelerated Data Preparation for Qlik

Preparing data can be slow and tedious. By rapidly blending cloud data, big data, and local data sources, analysts can deliver insight in hours instead of weeks.

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Empower Analysts with Advanced Analytics

Enhance visualizations with statistical and predictive analytics by using easy R based tools with no coding required. Add deep spatial analytics including geocoding and drive time data in the same drag and drop interface.

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Reduce IT Burden with Alteryx

Create the ideal dataset without having to rely or wait on others. Reduce the burden on IT and get to compelling visualizations more quickly.

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Alteryx + Qlik Customer Stories

Alteryx and Qlik have many joint customers, some of whom have shared their experiences below. See how companies like KPMG and Accenture have improved their data analytics and enhanced business insight with Alteryx and Qlik.

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