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Make Better and More Informed Customer Decisions

Experian Marketing ServicesInsight about your customers forms the foundation of every successful marketing strategy, but the data you collect about your customers is not enough in today's hyper-connected, consumer-driven world.

Enter Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, providing superior customer insight, analytics and marketing technology to more than 10,000 brands in over 30 countries. Fueled by the world's largest consumer database they help organizations from around the world to deliver exceptional and authentic customer experiences that drive customer acquisition, increase brand loyalty and improve return on investment. Their marketing data includes a full breadth of consumer information including demographic, automotive, credit, online and offline behavior.

By combining the data blending and advanced analytics of Alteryx with the demographic and behavioral data from Experian, you can append unprecedented insight about your customers and prospects, as well as monitor the changing dynamics of households over time. Plus, you can divide customers into specific segments, helping you tailor marketing messages to address key concerns for that segment or identify other potential prospects for a product or service based on consumers with similar demographics who have purchased from you in the past.

The Experian ConsumerViewSM household file includes consumer demographics, life event, direct response, property, and mortgage information for more than 235 million consumers and 113 million households. At the household level, you can append data such as mail order buyer preferences, mortgage/home purchase details, median family income, estimated income, dwelling type, and presence of children under 18. And, at the individual level, you can analyze potential consumers based on marital status, gender, education, and occupation group.

Your Alteryx Designer license with the Data option gives you access to analytics-ready data from Experian Marketing Services, as well as other providers. Armed with current and five-year projections on lifestyle, attitude, brand preference, media use, and more, you can accurately predict customer demand today, tomorrow, and in the long term.

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