Alteryx and Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel® is used by every data worker and is a critical tool to almost every organization. It is the go-to solution for data calculations and manipulating numeric data, data entry and reporting. However it can be difficult to utilize for complex data cleansing and processing, and integrating multiple data sources. This is even more of a challenge for advanced analytics. Alteryx reduces the need for manual data blending or coding for advanced analytics in a single intuitive workflow that can output results directly into Excel for final exploration or consumption. Guide to Alteryx for Excel Users

  • Deliver faster results, utilizing more data

    Alteryx Designer gives analysts access to data of any type and any size to help deliver the most complete analytic dataset.

  • Eliminate manual processes to deliver consistent data

    Utilizing the Alteryx drag-and-drop workflow environment, analysts can easily understand each step of the analytical process to improve consistency in data delivery.

  • Focus on the business, not data preparation

    Alteryx speeds up the data preparation process through a wide range of tools that help reduce the time analysts spend on getting the data ready for analysis. In addition analysts can build a workflow once and share, automate, or schedule workflows for future data analysis.


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