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Customer Story

SearchKings Increases their Customer Base with Google Cloud Dataprep


SearchKings Key Stats

Industry: Marketing

Data Stack: Google Cloud, Google Cloud Dataprep, BigQuery

Region: North America


Increased their customer base

6 Months

Achieved their growth goals


Core Challenges

SearchKings identified 3 specific challenges that they tried to address prior to implementing Google Cloud Dataprep:

  1.  How can we consolidate data from different platforms (Microsoft and Google) to a single view?
  2.  How can we leverage data insights to better advise our customers regarding their investment?
  3.  How can we enhance our value proposition when working with larger organizations that require flexible and scalable data feed as part of their solution?

How Cloud Dataprep Solved this Problem

SearchKings is managing approximately $500,000 of digital spend every day. Optimization of campaign, attribution models, and data-driven decision making are at the core of customer offerings. Through engagement with Google Cloud Dataprep, SearchKings built data flows that introduced proprietary KPI that leverage data sets from various sources.



Project Scalability

With Google Cloud Dataprep, SearchKings was able to combine award-winning technology and expertise to effectively support smaller organizations to implement new tools at scale; as a result doubling their customer base.

Deeper & Proactive Insights

Data optimization allowed for faster access to industry insights to make data-driven decisions and better advise clients on investments and marketing spend.

Increased ROI

Data prep for self-service insight was a new initiative at SearchKings and with Google Cloud Dataprep team’s help they achieved their initial growth goals within six months.


Company Background

SearchKings is a digital advertising agency that focuses on lead generation campaigns for small businesses in home services and professional services companies.

“Our cloud data lake strategy on Google Cloud is foundational to define and defend our competitive advantage in a saturated marketplace. We chose Google Cloud Dataprep because of its data preparation platform that fully integrates with Google Cloud. Google Cloud Dataprep’s solution enables us to alleviate bottlenecks in our data pipelines. The Google Cloud Dataprep offering combines the technological solution and the right level of customer support and guidance we were looking for.”




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