Win with Analytics: How Scan Health Fought Fraud Perpetrated by Predatory Pharmacies

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SCAN Health Plan is a nonprofit health insurance company in Southern California focused on Medicare Advantage Programs for seniors. Listen to their story about how they busted a drug scheme with analytics.

Learn how their Special Investigations Unit (SIU) used network analysis to identify predatory pharmacies engaged in a lidocaine compound scam, fraudulently dispensing medication to seniors who didn't need it. By analyzing claims data, the team of two identified predatory pharmacies and stopped payments to them, saving over $1.5 million in the first year.

Watch to hear how healthcare payers and providers can combat fraud and waste. You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze claims and prescription data to proactively identify fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Schedule analytic workflows to run automatically
  • Craft and orchestrate an analytics strategy to democratize data and operationalize analytics at scale


Katherine Yue
Manager, Special Investigations
SCAN Health Plan

Cassandra Olsen
Risk Analyst
SCAN Health Plan

Andy Dé
Senior Director, Healthcare Solutions


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