Handle Big Data without Spending Big Bucks

Small and midsize companies need the insights about their customers, operations, and overall business health as much as their larger counterparts. The difference is that unlike their larger competitors, they lack the big budgets and armies of IT and specialized programmers to access, blend and analyze their data. Further complicating the issue is that most midsize organizations are stuck between tools that are either “too complex” for line of business users, or “too simplistic” to handle the volume and variety of data they have.

Alteryx helps smaller companies gain the rich and timely insights accessible to larger players by providing line of business analysts with the ability to blend and analyze data themselves.


With data blending and advanced analytics from Alteryx, you can:

  • Get a complete view of your business by accessing, cleansing and joining all relevant data, regardless of the system or format
  • Go beyond simple queries by creating sophisticated analytical models in an easy, drag-and-drop environment — without any coding
  • Improve analyst productivity by automating repetitive data manipulation tasks and sharing pre-built workflows as apps
  • Provide decision-makers with insights in the format they want — detailed reports or rich, dynamic visualizations
  • Reduce costs and improve the speed of decisions by blending, analyzing and reporting, all within a single workflow
  • Enrich your organizational data with integrated third-party data — spatial, firmographic, consumer demographic and segmentation — at a fraction of the cost

Midsize Business Analytics Solution





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