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Tableau Conference 2016

Experience Alteryx at TC16

Alteryx Booth   |   Starter Kit   |   Hands-on Lab   |   Customer Sessions   |   Zen Master Webinar   |   TC16 Offer Alteryx is proud to be a Yottabyte sponsor of #TC16 and will be celebrating the empowered, curious and always improving analyst. Do you embody Come by our booth to see how we empower analysts with self-service analytics — leading to deeper insights into your data, faster. We will be giving away t-shirts, free starter kits, and demoing automated data blending and advanced analytics for Tableau. We’d also love to hear how you are analytics, either at the booth or through social media.


When is Tableau Conference 2016?
November 7th-11th 2016

Where is Tableau Conference 2016?
Austin, TX at the Austin Convention Center

I'm attending Tableau Conference 2016. How can I learn more about Alteryx while I am there?
Come visit us at Booth #101.

I wish I was going to Tableau Conference 2016, but unfortunately I'm not attending. How can I get the experience of Alteryx at Tableau Conference 2016 virtually?
Follow us on twitter @alteryx to get live updates from Tableau Conference 2016. We'll also be holding a live wrap up post conference-be sure to check back here for more information as we get closer to the conference.


Alteryx Booth


Our theme this year is, celebrating the empowered, curious and always improving analyst. We'll have plenty of giveaways, free Starter Kits, and one-on-one demos of self-service data analytics for Tableau. Plus, make sure to stop by the Alteryx booth to get a Trucker Hat and use the Photo Booth! The only question left is:

Where: Expo Hall, Booth #101


Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau


The Starter Kit is a great way to get started with Alteryx and Tableau. It contains key analytic applications, visualizations, and tutorial information. With the Starter Kit you get:

  • A series of Alteryx workflows that perform Survey Analysis, Advanced Data Blending, Data Transposing, Polygon Creation for Tableau, Parsing XML, Standardizing Unstructured Data, Multi-channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Retail Location Selection, Market Basket Analysis, and more
  • A set of Tableau workbooks that provide beautiful pre-configured visualizations that can be updated automatically by the sample Alteryx workflows
  • Sample workflows, visualizations, utilities and offers from our partners: Slalom, The Information Lab, InterWorks, DecisionViz, USEReady, DVW Analytics and Keyrus
  • The Starter Kit includes an Alteryx Trial so you can modify these workflows and incorporate your own data.


Alteryx Hands-on Lab

Alteryx will deliver a hands-on lab session, enabling data analysts to use their own data and learn how to quickly create the exact data set they need for visualizations with deep analytical context.


Alteryx Hands-on Lab
I.Am.Always.Improving: A Hands-On Lab with Alteryx

Lab Details
Come see why so many Tableau users are using Alteryx for data blending and advanced analytics! Customers love how Alteryx is reducing their data preparation time from weeks to hours, and enabling business users to create sophisticated predictive and geo-spatial analytics quickly. Alteryx provides direct output to the Tableau TDE file format, so you can update your data at the click of a button, and re-apply all your data clean up and blending work every time your data changes. Come see how in this hands-on lab, and walk away with a trial copy of Alteryx, sample analytical workflows and Tableau visualizations.

When: 1:45PM - Wednesday, Nov. 9
Where: JW Marriott - L3 - Room 305
Who: TBD


Alteryx Customer Sessions

How HR is leading an analytic revolution at BAE Systems

Session Details
The BAE Systems Workforce Intelligence team within HR was tasked with creating dashboard(s) that helped inform HR Business Partners about the health of their workforce, conduct a flight risk analysis on a subset population of the workforce, create workflows for compliance related activities, and much much more. They faced dirty data in excel form, dashboards that were coded in SQL, and slow predictive analytics using R code and Microsoft Access database. But in 2015, Josh Kabler, Lead Bi Technologist, attended TC15 and saw how Alteryx could make the team more scalable by dealing with the disparate data sources and creating a workflow that did not require any SQL or R coding. Attend this session to learn how a HR team tackled their data preparation and enabled advanced analytics and is now leading the charge to revolutionize analytics throughout all of BAE Systems. You'll learn how they now can spend more time understanding their data in Tableau and their best practices for:

  • Blending multiple disparate sources of data
  • Building a culture of analytic excellence
  • Quickly adopting and benefiting from predictive analytics for Tableau
  • Creating dashboards that aid HR in making data related decisions when it comes to their workforce
When: 1:45PM - Tuesday, Nov. 8
Where: ACC - Li Room 2
Who: Rana Dalbah, BAE Systems

Supporting Eradicating Malaria in Zambia by 2020

Session Details
In 2014 PATH and the Tableau Foundation launched #VisualizeNoMalaria, an initiative to support the Zambian Ministry of Health to eliminate malaria by 2020. This session will showcase the community efforts of PATH, the volunteers including several Tableau Zen Masters, and the Tableau, Alteryx, and Mapbox communities to develop dashboards, alerts, and predictive models to support the work in Zambia. We will present a technical overview of the Tableau dashboards built to support the data pipeline, geospatial and predictive analytics using Alteryx, Mapbox, and Tableau, and VizAlerts for distributing dashboards to a variety of staff in Zambia. Come to this session to learn about this critical use case and be inspired about how you can do good with data.

When: 1:45PM - Tuesday, Nov. 8
Where: Four Seasons - L1 - Four Seasons Ballroom A
Who: Jeff Bernson, PATH
Anya A'Hearn, DataBlick
Jonathan Drummey, DataBlick
Allan Walker, Slalom

Take a Trip with Tableau Travel & Expense

Session Details
Are you ready for a trip of a lifetime? In this session, you will discover how Tableau Finance uses Tableau to see and understand travel and expense data. We will explore the journey the data takes from its exotic ports of call, Egencia and Concur, to the breathtaking stops we make in Alteryx and SQL to prepare the data. The trip will be capped off with an exclusive tour of Tableau dashboards. All aboard!

When: 9:00AM - Thursday, Nov. 10
Where: ACC - L3 - Room 5A, Theatre
Who: Mike Crook, Tableau
Dan Liang, Tableau

HR has Data Scientists?
How the Gates Foundation Visualized People Data to Discover Insights

Session Details
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a data driven organization, from investments in U.S. education, to development projects in Bangladesh. The appetite for data is just as strong with regards to our people data, with C-level management and their chiefs of staff, as well as HR leaders, relying on accurate, current and historical data views to inform decision making.

As a Workday client, our HR Analytics team has built upon that great platform, surfacing data in Tableau and adding value beyond what is easily visible in the native environment. Our dashboards focus on many common workplace needs, such as headcount planning, career movement, recruiting and workforce planning.

In this session, we are pleased to share our need and solution for standing up a self-service business intelligence (BI) culture among our Cross-Division Chiefs & HR leaders.

In this session we will cover the following topics:

  • Innovative Integrations: extracting, preparing and surfacing Workday, Brassring, Outlook and other data (soon with Alteryx) to provide current and historical insights
  • Design & Collaboration: dynamic insights and dashboards, as well as the essential role of thought partnership with, and educating, business experts
  • Let me see!: live demonstration of the structure of our Workday data feeds and Tableau HR analytics dashboards, embedded in SharePoint Online
  • Our roadmap: the next steps envisioned in our long term plan, including more frequent refreshes with the addition of Alteryx
When: 10:45AM - Wednesday, Nov. 9
Where: Hilton - L4 - Room 412, Theatre
Who: Jon Agnone, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jacob Boysen, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Transforming Efforts Using Analytics in an Australian Catholic School System

Session Details
In this presentation participants will hear the story about a data driven transformation journey in a Catholic school system (CEDP) in Western Sydney, Australia.

Our journey began in Feb 2016 as a collaboration between CEDP and MIP (a Tableau gold partner) to implement an Alteryx/Tableau solution at both system and school level (the pilot group was made up of 7 pilot schools - both Primary and Secondary). This self-service analytics strategy used a multi-lens framework to provide real time, mobile friendly access to innovative visualizations which generated powerful insights about students, cohorts, schools and the whole school system.

Initiated through the vision and support from the Executive Director of the Diocese and its leadership team, this Analytics and Insights strategy blends and filters data from a number of internal (Enterprise and school-based) and external systems, often utilizing different technologies and formats.

The resulting interactive vizzes cover a wide variety of data points including:

  • student and teacher attendance
  • student demographics
  • school based reports
  • standardized testing results
  • teacher professional learning
  • community factors
  • system level learning interventions

The dashboards for teachers and school executive provided a robust platform for deep and holistic insights about student learning and school effectiveness.

This presentation will also cover the lessons learnt, school and system responses from formal evaluation, and scaling up processes in latter part of 2016 after successful completion of the pilot project.

When: 1:45PM - Thursday, Nov 8
Where: Courtyard Marriott - L2 - Rio Grande Salon A, Theatre
Who: Ron van Vliet, Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta


Zen Master Webinar


Whether you are heading to Tableau Conference 2016 in Austin or tuning in virtually, hearing how Zen Masters prepare their data is always educational and enjoyable.

Webinar Details
We're excited to present this On Demand webcast that allows you to dive inside the mind of Zen Masters. See how these Zen Masters approach projects, prepare their data, and visualize key insights in Tableau. Hear from:

  • Anya A'Hearn and Allan Walker on how they applied geospatial and predictive analytics in their work with PATH on the #visualizeNoMalaria project
  • Joe Mako on how you can have a better experience with Tableau's powerful data densification feature with data prep in Alteryx
  • Craig Bloodworth (The Information Lab) on how he uses his Alteryx Gallery macro & Tableau to monitor his Alteryx Server
  • How could you say no to learning from four Zen Masters? Watch now and learn the faster, smarter, and Zen Master approved way to prepare your data for Tableau.
Where: On Demand


Get More Data Into Tableau And Get Deeper Insights


Alteryx Designer with US Data for $10K USD

The Details

  • This offer requires purchase by December 31st, 2016.
  • This offer is good for attendees of the Tableau Conference 2016, and requires the purchaser to be scanned at the Alteryx booth during the conference.
  • It enables the purchaser to use Alteryx Designer with US Data at a deeper discounted price for 1 year. After one year, the license may be renewed at regular pricing.
  • This offer cannot be transferred to other people.



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