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Data Engineering Template:

Data Engineering for CRM Analysis

Transform sales data from a typical CRM system with an example flow

Sales Analytics Use Case Flow The flow view of this template

replace, rename, datedif, ceiling, pivot, join

This example flow shows you how to perform a few different kinds of sales and marketing analysis from typical CRM data. The main types of transformations used in this flow are cleansing and calculation transformations.

This flow comes with detailed annotation of each step in the recipe as well as flow level descriptions for all the recipes. Once you understand the logic, you can customize this flow to jumpstart your own development or share it with others in your workspace.

There are two example datasets that are loaded automatically for you. The first one is Sales Opportunities.csv, it represents data you typically see from a CRM system regarding sales opportunities. The second one is Opportunity Owners.csv, a simple dataset that contains information about the sales representatives.

The flow shows a few different recipes that clean each one of the datasets by dropping unnecessary attributes, as well as standardizing the values in multiple columns. Three different calculation recipes contain calculations that compute rolling averages for a series of sales metrics as well as forecast of future sales based off of those base metrics.

Fore more information, please check out this detailed guide in Trifacta’s Help Center.

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