Today's analysts need to pull information from many places. But working with multiple sources and preparing data for analysis can be time consuming and difficult to implement using standard tools like Excel or Access.

Get Data Blending for Dummies to learn how to:

  • Access, cleanse, and join data in any format from your hard drive, data warehouses, social media, and more
  • Prepare data for reports, presentations, visualization, or export to feed downstream processes
  • Create an intuitive workflow to document and automate data manipulation tasks

Download this e-book now to understand the benefits of data blending, and see how to build the data set you need to meet your organization’s analytical needs, without writing scripts or waiting on other departments.

“Giving the analyst tools to blend data from multiple data sources ensures that all the relevant data, no matter where it exists, is available to the analyst. Data blending reduces the time to prepare and join data and empowers data analysts to be self-reliant in their job.”  

— “Data Blending for Dummies”

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