For healthcare providers, patient experience is at the heart of it all. Yet there’s a significant gap between providers’ and patients’ perspectives on how often providers deliver a good experience. Add that to the trend of growing hospital expenses and declining operating margins, and it’s clear that the healthcare industry needs new ways of solving ongoing challenges. Health insurance providers, too, are realizing the need for a different, more proactive kind of approach.

There is a proven cure for addressing these widespread challenges: advanced analytics.  

In this e-book, you’ll read stories from four healthcare and health insurance companies that have implemented advanced analytics. From their experiences, you’ll learn how advanced analytics can help you:  

  • Tap into patient survey data to identify opportunities for enhancing patient experience
  • Proactively communicate health information to customers when they need it  
  • Automate reporting to deliver customized insights to key decision-makers
  • Identify where your organization can improve productivity and save money

You can be the catalyst for positive change, in your organization and for the individuals and families you serve. Download the e-book today to learn how. 

“The new process [at Advent Health] has empowered the Business Intelligence team to deliver a consistent stream of actionable feedback and suggestions for customer experience improvements across the organization.”  

— “Data Innovators in Healthcare”

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