You can’t succeed in business without a smart data preparation strategy. If you don’t clean, validate, and consolidate your raw data the right way, you can’t ask deeper questions of it to get meaningful answers. 

You need a concrete plan for each step of data prep. In “The Essential Guide to Data Preparation,” you’ll learn the fundamentals of: 

  • Data exploration: Discover what surprises each dataset holds
  • Data cleansing: Eliminate errors that muddy the waters 
  • Data blending: Join multiple datasets and reveal new truths  
  • Data profiling: Spot poor-quality data 
  • ETL (Extract-Transfer-Load): Aggregate data from diverse sources 
  • Data wrangling: Make data digestible for your analytic models 

Plus, we’ll answer the million-dollar question: Can you still be a rock-star at data prep when your data lives in silos and spreadsheets?  

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