As a data analyst working for a payer or provider, you’re likely sitting on a goldmine of healthcare data, but lack the tools to extract the most value from it. In a new HIMSS survey, top barriers to healthcare data analytics success included the ability to upskill employees, difficulty accessing and integrating multiple data sources, and time spent cleaning data.

In “Healthcare Analytics Alchemy: Transform healthcare payer, provider, and patient outcomes,” learn how to:

  • Transform healthcare data into value by vanquishing spreadsheet fatigue, harnessing predictive and predictive analytics, and unlocking location intelligence 
  • Bridge the talent gap with citizen data scientists by empowering yourself and your team with self-service analytics 
  • Democratize healthcare analytics by demystifying advanced analytics like predictive and spatial 

Turn healthcare data into gold — no wand necessary. Download your e-book now.

"Alteryx, as a platform, empowers people. We’re empowering our actuarial analysts to do things they never could do before." 
John Heisler, Business Intelligence Engineer, Health Payment Systems

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