Alteryx with: Snowflake, AWS, and Azure

See How Effortlessly Analytic Process Automation Works With Three Of The Top Cloud Platforms

A cloud platform is the perfect foundation for a data-driven organization. But from that firehose of data, you’ll still need to extract insights —without needing to turn every team member into a tech expert.

These reports show how it’s possible with Alteryx. Each whitepaper shows how well the leading analytic process automation platform works with cloud platforms and cloud-based data services. You’ll get three handy reference guides in one time-saving download:

  • Accelerating Analytics with Alteryx and Snowflake​
  • Reference Architecture for Alteryx on Azure
  • Best Practices for Deploying Alteryx Server on AWS

Whether you have a cloud platform in place or are considering one, Alteryx is the ideal complement. Discover how it works with three of the best, all in one click.

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Fight Fraud, Waste, and Abuse with Analytics Automation

Learn how you can use analytics automation to highlight potential fraud by quickly analyzing massive volumes of messy data from multiple sources.

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How to Democratize Analytics

Learn about the challenges to democratization, what you need to do to successfully democratize, and the ROI companies have seen from following these steps.

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	Essential Guide to Explainable AI_Dynamic
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Guía esencial sobre IA explicable (XAI)

La IA explicable (XAI) desempeñará un rol fundamental en futuras iniciativas de analítica. Descubre qué es, por qué es importante y cómo se utiliza.

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