The Quest for Actionable Intelligence

It’s a Big Data World, and the Intelligence Community is sitting on a goldmine of data waiting to be mined and refined to create actionable insights. Like many organizations, the IC struggles to find talent with the skills to unlock and leverage these troves of data.

When your data — much of it unstructured — is scattered to the four winds, status quo won’t work. In The Quest for Actionable Intelligence: Data democratization, self-service, and a culture of analytics in the Intelligence Community, learn how a modern, self-service analytics platform enables IC analysts to:

  • Make sense of unstructured data in a code-free and code-friendly analytics environment
  • Move beyond descriptive analytics and into the world of predictive and prescriptive analytics without the help of trained data scientists
  • Uncover critical intelligence by leveraging large, messy datasets and collaborating across the agency

When the fate of vital intelligence operations is in your hands, status quo is not an option. Go from status quo to status go.

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Fight Fraud, Waste, and Abuse with Analytics Automation

Learn how you can use analytics automation to highlight potential fraud by quickly analyzing massive volumes of messy data from multiple sources.

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How to Democratize Analytics

Learn about the challenges to democratization, what you need to do to successfully democratize, and the ROI companies have seen from following these steps.

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	Essential Guide to Explainable AI_Dynamic
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Guía esencial sobre IA explicable (XAI)

La IA explicable (XAI) desempeñará un rol fundamental en futuras iniciativas de analítica. Descubre qué es, por qué es importante y cómo se utiliza.

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Alteryx Machine Learning
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