Private: What’s New in Designer Cloud 8.6 Release

What's New   |   Paul Warburg   |   Aug 25, 2021

The summer of 2021 is speeding away, and our journey of innovation continues here at Alteryx (formerly Trifacta). It’s now time to share the highlights from the latest 8.6 release

Flexible Schedule Management

Collaboration with flexibility is one of the key aspects of data engineering. You can now experience seamless collaboration with the ability to manage Designer Cloud Flow Schedules by Flow Editors, in addition to Flow Owners. Similar to owners, flow editors can now create, modify, disable, or delete flows as well as flow schedules. Learn more on how to share flows. Similarly, Plan Collaborators can modify Plan Schedules including changing the frequency of plan runs. This becomes especially useful when building a data pipeline where you may need to collaborate with others to create, maintain, or validate your orchestration work. Learn more on how to share plans. You can now leverage these additional collaboration capabilities to onboard new users, facilitate peer reviews, and enhance the co-development of shared flows.

Ease of use with file structures such as JSON

Working with files is one of the fundamental use cases of data preparation, and JSON is a popular input format for a file. Designer Cloud makes it easier to work with JSON by parsing top-level JSON objects containing a single array. Additionally, you can now disable auto-parsing on a dataset to give you the ability to tune the parsing logic for any updated requirements. Click here to learn more.

Universal Data Connectivity

We continue our path to enable additional connectors to help connect to your data. With the 8.6 release, we now support connectivity to NetSuite and Google Ads as Early Preview Connectors. Netsuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite that facilitates business accounting, ERP, CRM, and other e-commerce applications. Google Ads allows you to create online ads to reach a wider audience who may be interested in products and services offered by an advertiser. Learn more about these new connectors.

Resource Usage Management in Dataprep on Google Cloud

Increased visibility into resource usage is now available on Dataprep on Google Cloud. You can now review the total number of vCPU hours consumed while executing jobs for your project over a defined period. The Usage Page provides details on the consumption of Designer Cloud resources within your project, including current and maximum vCPU usage. Click here for more information.

As always, we continue to innovate on data engineering. Stay tuned for more innovations coming your way.