Andy MacIsaac

Solutions Marketing Director

Andy MacIsaac, Solutions Marketing Director at Alteryx, leads go-to market messaging and strategy for the public sector and higher education industries.

People Oct 19, 2020
250 Business Leaders Share Their Top 5 Analytics Tips
Need a roadmap to building a successful analytics culture? We’ve got one for you. In a commissioned survey from Forrester, we polled 250 b...
Technology Oct 15, 2020
Automating Geospatial + Predictive Analytics to Accelerate Insights and Mission Outcomes
See two real-world use cases from Atkins, a contractor to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, on how they utilized advanced geo...
People Oct 8, 2020
Looking for Data Unicorns in the Public Sector?
On the hunt for that "mythical data unicorn"? Learn how to build a strong analytics culture and grow your own.
Technology Sep 9, 2020
Creating a Strong Foundation for Responsible AI
Explore four key principles that help ensure ethical outcomes in the deployment of AI, ML, and analytics.  
Technology Aug 13, 2020
Identifying HR and Security Vulnerabilities Through Advanced Analytics
For those who work in sensitive areas of government, there is always a delicate balance between security, ethics, and privacy. Does your...
Strategy Jul 21, 2020
Mission: A Faster Path to Analytic Insights
Data and analytic experts from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) share how automation empowers them to maximize their use o...
People Jun 29, 2020
In the Market: The Rise of a CDO in Government
Rise up, CDO's. Now's your time to shine.
Technology Jun 15, 2020
How Analytic Process Automation Enables the Federal Data Strategy
People, processes, and data are an organization’s richest assets, and when these three assets are addressed together, transformative outco...
Technology May 30, 2020
Are You Driven by Analytics or Instinct?
Do you trust your gut ... or analytics? See how government and public sector entities are leveraging data and analytics to modernize proce...