Vishal Soni

Vishal works as part of the Product and Solutions marketing team. With a strong focus on product, as well as working with Alteryx customers and Partners, Vishal is passionate about developing and presenting the Alteryx product portfolio, as well as being an active thought leader within Data and Analytics space.

Conquering the Silverstone GP with Alteryx

The Silverstone Grand Prix is a testament to a thrilling blend of speed, precision, and innovation. But another unseen race unfolds in tandem - the race to transform raw data into powerful, actionable insights.


Vishal Soni  •  July 5, 2023

Cómo preparar un mal café nos puede enseñar acerca de las plataformas de ciencia de datos de código simple

Me titulé en informática, por lo que siempre he tenido un interés en esa área y he comprendido los aspectos básicos de la programación y las bases de datos.


Vishal Soni  •  June 3, 2022
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