Transform Your Analytics — And Your Organization


Most companies understand improving their analytic maturity leads to better results.

Yet, of the 92 percent of companies investing in analytics, only 19 percent of them are truly data driven.

So why is it so hard to transform analytics?

In this video, Jack Phillips, CEO of the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), an independent research and advisory firm, discusses the obstacles organizations need to overcome to increase their analytical maturity, and why analytical maturity is correlated to overall company performance.

Hear the astonishing transformation stories maturity assessments help two companies achieve at the 11:00 and 12:25 marks in the video.

Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Discover your company’s analytics maturity score with the Alteryx Analytics Maturity Assessment. Built in partnership with the IIA, this assessment makes it fast and simple to understand the overall success your business will see from its analytics practices and investments.

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