Use Case

Customer Pulse 360


Customer data resides in places like CRM platforms, marketing automation software and customer service portals. Create a consolidated view of each customer’s metrics by performing ETL on customer data from multiple sources, blending it and powering a one-stop dashboard.

Top-Line Growth

Drive sales, marketing and customer service strategy through a single view of customer metrics and account health

Efficiency Gains

Cut the time it takes to summarize customer data and make informed decisions

Customer Experience

See the trends among interactions on each customer’s journey so you can create journey-specific strategies

Business Problem

Customer data usually lives siloed in multiple departments, repositories and CRM systems. That leaves companies with only a narrow view of their customers, unless they undertake long, expensive IT projects to unify their data. By the time insights are available, the information behind them is often stale and the conclusions obsolete — a complete loss of the value in the data connection and the analytics process.

Alteryx Solution

Use an end-to-end analytics platform to automate data connection and extract-transfer-load (ETL) processes with each of your data sources. Cut the time it takes to summarize customer account health in 360° dashboards and enjoy a consolidated view of your most important metrics for each customer.

With Alteryx, you can:

  • Connect to sources of customer data as diverse as account financials, support records, marketing/lead generation, community membership and product usage
  • Create an automated workflow that blends siloed data and applies calculations to enrich that data
  • Format and optimize the result for storage in a repository like Snowflake or for analysis in full-view Tableau dashboards

Customer Pulse Designer Workflow

1 – Data Connection

Create data connections to each source of customer data, then prepare that data either in a Designer workflow or using In-Database Designer tools

2 – Prep and Blend

Automate data blending from all sources of customer data

3 – Data Communication

Optimize data format for export into Tableau dashboards or into a Snowflake repository, then automatically refresh the data as needed


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