Data Integration Template:

Move Data from Google Cloud Storage (GCS) to Google BigQuery

Set up flows to access and transform data in GCS and move it to BigQuery

From GCS to BigQuery Flow The flow view of this template

Data Sources:
Google Cloud Storage

Publishing Destinations:
Destination: Google BigQuery

This template allows you to easily set up a flow to access and transform data from Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and land the data inside Google BigQuery.

You can find this template when you login to Dataprep by Trifacta. To customize the template for your use, simply follow the instructions inside the template flow. You will have the ability to point to your own files that you want to import from Google Cloud Storage, then edit the recipe to add transformations to your data before publishing it, lastly set up your destination in BigQuery.

For more information, please check out this detailed guide in Trifacta’s community site.

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