Tools in Alteryx Designer

Alteryx offers a drag and drop workflow environment for data blending and advanced analytics that helps analyst gain the insight they need in hours, not weeks. It does this through a wide range of tools that make accessing, preparing, analyzing, and outputting it faster and easier. Each tab represents a sample of some of the tools within the Alteryx Designer that support the range of capabilities within Alteryx.

Download the full list of Alteryx tools - [PDF]

Input/Output — Access data from locations such as on a local desktop, in a relational database, in the cloud, or third-party systems and deliver that data to a wide variety of formats and sources.

Preparation — Ease the process of getting data ready for analysis or downstream processes with a set of drag and drop tools that eliminate the need for SQL coding and complex formulas.

Join — Working with multiple sources of data doesn't need to be difficult.Blend multiple data sources regardless of the data structure and formats through a number of tools.

Predictive — Get access to over 50 prepackaged tools of the most widely used procedures for predictive analytics, grouping, and forecasting to help analyst throughout the predictive analytics process.

Spatial — Geospatial data can offer a wealth of information, take advantage of location based data to make more informed decisions and understand things like trade areas, drive-time analysis, and more.

Investigation — Before a process or analysis takes place, analysts need to understand the details of the data before they can dive into to deeper analysis.

Parse & Transform — Data comes in all shapes and formats and many times it needs to be restructured and re-shaped in order for the data to be analyzed- parsing and transformation tools help users change the data to the format they need for further analysis.


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