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Revolutionize Your Data Analysis

Live Webinar: 9am PT | 12pm ET

How do you leverage the right data at the right time and then share your business-critical insights with the organization at large? Register for this webinar to see how Reggie Wilkerson, Director of Enterprise Data Management at State Department Federal Credit Union (SDFCU), revolutionized the way they perform analysis and deliver valuable insights to the businesses with a combination of Alteryx, Tableau, and Amazon Web Services.

How to Accelerate the Transformation to Analytics-Driven Buying & Merchandising

Live Webinar | 13:00 - 13:30 BST

With unrelenting pressure from retail disrupters, a new analytics-driven B&M operating model is evolving that is radically and rapidly improving ways of working. New, flexible analytics applications, automated reporting, action-oriented BI and machine learning are being delivered using agile methodologies with a focus on user inputs and the employee experience from the start. This webinar provides an overview of the new analytics approach already being adopted by our clients and our thoughts on where B&M is heading with the arrival of AI.

Amsterdam Breakfast Analytics - Powered by Alteryx

Designed to energise your data & analytics work through reawakened thinking, Alteryx Breakfast Analytics improves your skills and acumen without eating up the entire day.

A well-paced morning routine sets the tone for a productive day, so we’ve split the event into three digestible sessions:

Sit back, take a big sip of that knowledge and get your morning off to a great start.

What if you could predict the future?

Live Webinar | 14:00 - 15:00 BST

What if you could predict the future?  To give you further insights, helping you make better business decisions?

Join our webinar where we will show you how Alteryx can help you blend data from multiple sources, cleanse and perform advance analytics with no coding.

Data Leadership Summit

The Data Leadership Summit is the thinking person’s big data event – for IT pros who are not drawn into hype but do recognise opportunities. They don’t want another hype-fuelled event telling them what big data is – they want to become leaders in generating business value from data.

Ginalytics Event Berlin

Registrieren Sie sich für unser Ginalytics Event in Berlin und finden Sie heraus welcher Gin zu welchem Tonic passt. In einem kurzen Workshop wird mit Hilfe von Predictive Clustering die perfekte Symbiose aus beiden Getränken gezaubert und unter Anwendung von Alteryx Promote ein Beratungstool für den perfekten Cocktail zusammengefasst.



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