Data Preparation Tools

Most analysts wish they can spend more time analyzing their data than preparing it for analysis. Alteryx Analytics helps cut the data preparation according to users by up to 30% giving them more time to test hypothesis and evaluate models. Alteryx Analytics eases the process with a set of drag and drop tools that eliminate the need for SQL coding and complex formulas.

This is a sample of the tools available in the Alteryx Designer. For the full list of tools, click here.

Icon Tool Description
Auto Field Auto Field Automatically set the field type for each string field to the smallest possible size and type that will accommodate the data in each column.
Filter Filter Query records based on an expression to split data into two streams, True (records that satisfy the expression) and False (those that do not).
Filter In-DB Filter In-DB Filter In-DB records with a Basic filter or with a Custom expression using the database's native language (e.g., SQL).
Data Cleansing Data Cleansing The Data Cleansing tool automatically performs common data cleansing with a simple check of a box. Remove nulls, eliminate extra white space, clear numbers from a string entry.
Formula Formula Create or update fields using one or more expressions to perform a broad variety of calculations and/or operations.
Formula In-DB Formula In-DB Create or update fields in an In-DB data stream with an expression using the database’s native language (e.g., SQL).
Generate Rows Generate Rows Create new rows of data. Useful for creating a sequence of numbers, transactions, or dates.
Impute Values Impute Values Update specific values in a numeric data field with another selected value. Useful for replacing NULL() values.
Multi-Field Binning Multi-Field Binning Group multiple numeric fields into tiles or bins, especially for use in predictive analysis.
Multi-Field Formula Multi-Field Formula Create or update multiple fields using a single expression to perform a broad variety of calculations and/or operations.
Multi-Row Formula Multi-Row Formula Create or update a single field using an expression that can reference fields in subsequent and/or prior rows to perform a broad variety of calculations and/or operations. Useful for parsing complex data and creating running totals.
Random % Sample Random % Sample Generate a random number or percentage of records passing through the data stream.
Record ID Record ID Assign a unique identifier to each record.
Sample Sample Limit the data stream to a number, percentage, or random set of records.
Sample In-DB Sample In-DB Limit the In-DB data stream to a number or percentage of records.
Select Select Select, deselect, reorder and rename fields, change field type or size, and assign a description.
Select Select In-DB Select, deselect, reorder, and rename fields in an In-DB workflow.
Select Records Select Records Select specific records and/or ranges of records including discontinuous ranges. Useful for troubleshooting and sampling.
Sort Sort Sort records based on the values in one or more fields.
Tile Tile Group data into sets (tiles) based on value ranges in a field.
Unique Unique Separate data into two streams, duplicate and unique records, based on the fields of the user's choosing.



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