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ISSUE 1: Diving INto Data  

Tatiana Servin, Molly Talbert

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Greetings INPUT readers,


These days, it seems like the content available on data science and analytics is as endless and vast as the oceans depicted in our very first digital magazine issue, “Diving into Data.” 


The information is disparate and complicated. Plus, there’s a ton of it out there. That’s why we created INPUT.


[Callout] INPUT is a quarterly digital magazine that dives deep into topics — exploring all angles — to broaden your perspective on data science and analytics and help you deliver analytics at scale. [Callout]


We hope our first issue, “Diving into Data,” sets the stage for you on the journey we’ll embark on together, learning all about data science and analytics, beginning with a brief history about analytics, the role of the analyst, and much more. Let the data-aha moments abound as you dive into a super-charged suite of articles devoted to challenges, opportunities, crash courses, and real interviews from real analysts in the field.


I would be remiss to not mention the heart and soul that went into putting together this first issue. Gretchen Roberts brings new meaning to editorial contributions, as she pushed every article by highlighting stories, resources, and angles that made each word shine. Special thanks to Robyn Winner, our web designer, for sharing in the imagination and possibilities of this design and bringing it to life. We also enlisted the graphics expertise of the very talented Jenn Ho, who understood that we wanted the graphics to be as special as the words themselves are for you. And an extra shoutout to our first guest author, Nicole Johnson, who shared a personal and moving story of her journey through analytics that gave me all the feels while reading it (chances are, it will move you too). It is a reminder that we are multi-faceted beings. We can be analysts, creative writers, and much more.


We hope that “Diving Into Data” meets you wherever you are. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an issue. We look forward to providing more INPUT on the topics you most want to hear about, so be sure to send us your feedback.


Cheers to Your Journey in Data Science and Analytics, 



Thanks to Our Contributors in this First Issue

There’s a special place in analytics nirvana for you. 


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Alan Jacobson, Emily Singer, Molly Talbert, and Nicole Johnson


Brand, Social, + Digital

Beth Narrish,  Suzanne DeBow, and Wei Zhao



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