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Self-service data analytics helps me generate deeper business insights, produce clean data, and contribute to the bottom line.
My work supports some of the biggest, most strategic decisions my company makes, earning me a seat in the boardroom.
With analytic capabilities and superior understanding of data, I can challenge processes and make my company more productive.


Inspire 2016 Highlights

Here are some highlights from Inspire 2016 to look back on, and give you an idea of what you can look forward to at Inspire 2017.

Inspire 2016 Highlights

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Inspire 2016 Keynotes

Paul DePodesta, Chief Strategy Officer, Cleveland Browns
Paul DePodesta
Cleveland Browns
Chief Strategy Officer, Entrepreneur & Subject of Moneyball
Dean Stoecker, Chairman & CEO
Dean Stoecker
Chairman & CEO
George Mathew, President & COO
George Mathew
President & COO
Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer
Olivia Duane Adams
Chief Customer Officer
Ned Harding, Chief Technical Officer
Ned Harding
Chief Technology Officer


Inspire 2016 track session presenters included:

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