Alteryx and Microsoft Accelerate Data Analytics for Business Analysts

Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft

Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft and get started with pre-built analytics workflows that output directly into Microsoft Power BI including Data Cleansing, Data Blending, Predictive Analytics, Spatial Analysis, and more.

Alteryx and Microsoft deliver a combination of technologies that enable business analysts throughout organizations to gain deeper insights into their data and deliver faster decisions. Alteryx enables analysts to take advantage of a broad range of Microsoft capabilities from Excel to SQL Server to Azure, all through an intuitive workflow environment for self-service data analytics. By utilizing Alteryx and Microsoft, analysts are able to:

  • Quickly blend and analyze data from multiple sources for Microsoft Power BI consumption
  • Easily create analytic datasets with in-database blending for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Integrate cloud-based data and perform advanced analytics with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Power BI

By combining Alteryx and Microsoft Power BI, analysts can streamline the process of self-service analytics to deliver an end-to-end experience of data access, preparation, analysis, visualization and consumption.

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Microsoft Azure

Alteryx and Microsoft Azure enables analysts to gain deeper insights in less time by delivering scalability to data blending, preparation, analysis, and text analytics. Leverage the power of Azure, Azure SQL DW, and Azure Cognitive Services.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Alteryx in-database processing enables analysts to easily blend and prepare data within Microsoft SQL Server in a drag-and-drop environment.

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Microsoft R Server

With Alteryx and Microsoft R Server, analysts can create sophisticated analytical workflows with simple drag-and-drop functions and then configure them in a dialog box. The result is a completely scalable predictive analytics application.

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Microsoft Excel

Alteryx eases the challenges of heavy data cleansing and processing, blending multiple data sources in Excel through an intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Alteryx makes it easy to blend SharePoint data with other data sources through direct connectors that give analysts the ability to access and output directly from and to SharePoint.

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