Cloudera CertifiedTogether, Cloudera and Alteryx enable business users to access massive amounts of data to make the right decision.

  • Support the largest datasets in world with Hadoop
  • Enable business users to create drag and drop analytical workflows to access Hadoop data
  • Combine and blend data from non-Hadoop sources
  • Blend your data in-Hadoop in an intuitive UI, with no coding required
  • Perform sophisticated analytics including statistical, predictive and geo-spatial analytics
  • Along with Databricks, enabling adoption of SparkR and SparkSQL, to help analysts get greater value from Spark as the leading open-source in-memory engine.
  • Publish the results and distribute them as cloud-based analytical applications


Alteryx enables access to Cloudera in a number of ways.

  • Alteryx can retrieve information using a Hive connector
  • Alteryx can read and write data directly to the Hadoop File System (HDFS) for unstructured or semi-structured information
  • Perform data blending in-Hadoop through Impala, enabling data to stay in Hadoop and taking advantage of the powerful processing of your Hadoop platform

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