Our Partners


Accenture Advanced Analytics Services which takes an industry led, asset powered approach to helping clients with their most compelling issues and opportunities.


Buxton is the industry leader in customer analytics. The company advises its clients on market planning and marketing strategies based on extensive internal databases combined with clients’ customer data. Buxton helps businesses understand who their customers are, where more potential customers are located, and the value of each customer. Buxton’s solutions are deployed via the Buxton Analytics Platform, a proprietary web-based suite of analytics applications. More than 3,500 clients in the retail, restaurant, healthcare, private equity and city government sectors have relied on Buxton’s insights to guide their growth strategies.

Experian Marketing Services

Experian Marketing Services is a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, providing superior customer insight, analytics and marketing technology to more than 10,000 brands in over 30 countries.

Geo Strategies

Geo Strategies works with organisations across industries and government to help informed decisions based on location and demographics. We have created extensive information products for Romania and Central & Eastern Europe which enable the user to analyse, profile and map the social and economic characteristics of areas – typically to postcode level.


InsightOne is passionate about effective marketing and we are firmly convinced that sharp customer and consumer insights are key components for achieving this. InsightOne also know that insights about your customers need to be put into the system, and translated into concrete action for the value to occur in your business. InsightOne therefore claim that having the right information to make the right decisions, will help you draw the right conclusions and get the right support systems and processes in place to be able to convert insights into effective marketing.


Traffic Counts from Kalibrate identify peak and low traffic volume by the number of vehicles that cross a street location at a certain point. Updated quarterly, the database contains more than 1.5 million traffic volume counts at over 1,000,000 traffic data points.

Research Solutions, Inc. (RSI)

A virtual data broker, RSI has access to nearly every consumer database on the market. Their intimate knowledge of data allows them to objectively choose the right data for your unique business processes.


SIRIUS INSIGHT is an exclusive partner of Experian Belgium and focusses on Belgian customers and expand its services to the needs of its current and future customers. Since 1990, SIRIUS INSIGHT helps clients better understand their local markets and optimize their distribution network.