Alteryx and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and Alteryx empowers users to get deeper business insights faster by delivering a combination of scalable, cost-effective data environments, text analytics, in-database blending, and self-service advanced analytics. Alteryx integrates with Azure, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and the Cognitive Services Text Analytics API* to empower analysts with a wide range of solutions that improve their work with data

  • Azure Marketplace Offering

    Organizations can swiftly deploy a pre-configured Alteryx Designer and/or Server on the Azure Marketplace as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go option that does not require physical infrastructure, all while accelerating time to insight and maintaining enterprise-class security and scalability. Alternatively, organizations can spin up Azure computing resources to virtually install Alteryx Designer and Server using your existing Designer and Server license.

  • In-database Analytics with Azure SQL DW

    Utilize the vast in-database computing power to scale your performance when using Alteryx to perform data blending and preparation tasks for very large and complex datasets. Speed up your efforts without having to extract data out of the database.

  • Text Analytics with the Cognitive Services API

    Incorporate sentiment analysis and extract key phrases into an Alteryx workflow, allowing analysts to find positive and negative words as well as similarities associated with their data.

Visit Alteryx Designer on the Azure Marketplace

Visit Alteryx Server on the Azure Marketplace

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*The Azure Cognitive Services Text Analytics API capabilities currently support English only.


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