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New Alteryx Analytics 2018.4

With our latest release, Alteryx Analytics 2018.4, we enable analysts and data scientists to connect to more data, no matter where they are around the globe and experience a fresh new modern look for the modern end-to-end analytics platform.

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Fresh new modern look for the modern end-to-end analytics platform

Modern end-to-end analytics platform looks as powerful as it feels for those heart-pounding, fist-pumping moments of insight

2018.4 modern look
  • Aesthetically pleasing modern look
  • Easier to use with key navigation buttons closer to where you’re working
  • Immediately see vital diagnostic and usage information with Server Admin dashboards
2018.4 modern look

Continuing to meet analytic needs around the world

Across the globe and the analytics journey, you can experience the thrill of solving in more languages

2018.4 going global
  • Prep, blend, analyze and model data to your heart's content with Designer available in Portuguese and Spanish
  • More robust website support in French and German
  • Expand your data analytic capabilities with your colleagues with a beta French Community site
2018.4 going global

Reach more data, easier

It’s easier to access more data at every point in the analytics journey to make those critical data-driven decisions

2018.4 connections
  • Power up your first mile of analytics in Connect with PostgreSQL metadata loader
  • Write conditional update & delete statements in the Write In-DB tool
  • Bring in your Python Jupyter notebooks to leverage existing models & code
  • Accelerate deployments of your predictive models with Promote - importing custom R and Python packages from private remote repositories
2018.4 connections