Use Case

Automate IT Support Tracking Analytics


Many software solutions for IT support ticket tracking do exactly that — ticket tracking — but not much else. To truly understand the performance of your IT department and how it affects your internal customers, you have to analyze interactions across all touchpoints. You can offer better support and improve satisfaction by automating the process of gathering IT support ticket information as part of your overall customer view.

Risk Reduction

Optimize IT ticketing process and ensure coverage for when big issues arise

Bottom-Line Returns

Optimize IT ticketing system and cost required to keep systems operational

Efficiency Gains

Gain visibility into issue resolution performance and optimize process of assigning tickets


Business Problem

How do your co-workers rate the support they receive when they contact your IT help desk? What kind of metrics do you use to assess the quality of IT support you’re providing? How do you know that those metrics give you a broad, accurate view of customer satisfaction?

Many ticketing systems are equipped to show you metrics like incident volume and time to resolution, and perhaps rating of the support call on a scale of 1 to 5. But your help desk managers want to account for other factors, like the efficacy of your training programs and the usefulness of your knowledge base. But even if you know where to find data for those metrics, you’ll have to invest time and effort into building them into an overall view of how your IT help desk supports users.

Alteryx Solution

Using workflows and automation, you can eliminate the manual labor of collecting, standardizing, and presenting the metrics that show how your IT support staff is performing.

From your IT support ticket solution, analytics collects the data points of greatest importance to you, like ticket volume, on-hold delays, time to resolution, and call ratings. When you blend those with other signals, like employee seniority, work schedules, and professional development opportunities, you can build a comprehensive picture of the relationship between users and help desk. Analytics automation smooths the process and makes it easier to repeat on a regular basis. As data accumulates, trends emerge that analysts can use to help predict future needs.


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