Use Case

Bill Reporting


Expense data contains hidden signals that often go unnoticed in dashboards. By exposing and analyzing those signals, you can empower your finance team to make quick yet sound decisions for the business.

Top-Line Growth

Uncover exceptions and prioritize them by value to your company

Bottom-Line Returns

Reduce the cost overhead of manual bill reporting by up to 25%

Efficiency Gains

Get deeper insight into billing and base decisions on hard data


Business Problem

Analysts on billing teams usually field more requests for data than they can realistically fulfill. As a result, they must hastily assemble and present billing data before they have the opportunity to mine it for insights.

Alteryx Solution

Optimizing financial performance and understanding how the organization spends money both call for an automated, concise view of expense metrics. The ideal view makes high-priority accounts stand out, identifies trends, defines exceptions and clarifies unexpected changes with data. That way, billing teams can identify opportunities for cost reduction that may have gone unnoticed in high-level dashboards.

With Alteryx Auto Insights, you can:

  • Discover hidden signals in your data that go unnoticed in traditional visualization tools
  • Quickly scale automated insights and exceptions to focus on what matters to the organization
  • Enable anyone to derive useful data storytelling to speed actions and decisions in the business

Introducing Alteryx Auto Insights

1 – Connect your data

No need to build a new workflow

2 – Get deeper insights

Get immediate AI-powered insights

3 – Completely automated

Deeper insights for everyone, in seconds


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