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New Alteryx Analytics 2018.1

Alteryx Analytics 2018.1 provides the analytic flexibility that data scientists and business analysts need to discover, prep & blend from more data sources, and easily operationalize models through a collaborative and governed platform.

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Collaborative Insights

Quickly gain access to the right data at the right time in a governed manner

  • Alteryx Connect Loaders— Directly access metadata stored in DB2, HDFS, SAP Hana
  • Evaluate and Display Analytic Assets — Understand the details and popularity to ensure you are using the right assets
  • Discover and Access— Find, view and launch assets stored in Alteryx Connect directly from Alteryx Designer using the global search
  • Expanded Data Lineage— Establish Alteryx Connect lineage from Designer workflows that use In-Database processes/tools

Analytic Flexibility

Harness the full value of your existing architecture and emerging data assets

  • Expanded Data Connections — New connectors for AWS Athena, Redshift Spectrum, and enhanced integration with Excel
  • New Tableau Support — Output directly from an Alteryx workflow into Tableau Hyper
  • Harness the Power of Spark — Execute code from R, Python or Scala directly against the Spark cluster with the new Code Tool for Apache Spark
  • Enhanced Filter Tool — Generate fast and accurate suggestions, error notifications, and auto-completion of expressions

Operationalize Models

Easily deploy predictive models into production with Alteryx Promote.

  • Deploy Predictive Models — Easily deploy models built in Alteryx, R, or Python into production models without writing custom code
  • Manage Models from development to production — Evaluate and test models to ensure they deliver the best impact on the business.
  • Monitor Model Performance and Health — Understand the effectiveness of production based analytic models.


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