Accelerating Insight and Improving Analytic Productivity

New Alteryx Connect

Alteryx Connect, a new addition to the Alteryx platform, changes how you discover, prioritize, and analyze all relevant information in your organization. A collaborative, data exploration platform for the enterprise, Alteryx Connect empowers you to find, understand, and trust the data that resides in your organization.

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Discover Trusted Information

Alteryx Connect is the guide to all of the information assets in your organization that, if used wisely, can unlock your competitive advantage and lead to better decisions.

  • Asset Catalog - Assemble all your information in one place by collecting metadata from your information systems
  • Information Search - Discover the information you need to drive better business outcomes through a powerful "Google-like"search experience
  • Data Lineage - Understand context for how data moves across systems and drill into a metadata graph to get a view of inputs/outputs

Accelerate and Amplify Insights

Alteryx Connect enables you and the teams you support to connect to relevant data assets quickly, and explore the data to gain context, so everyone clearly understands data lineage, quality, and certifications.

  • Business Glossary - Define your standard business terms and include them in a repository of trusted definitions that is linked to a metadata graph
  • Enrichment & Collaboration - Annotate, discuss, and rate information assets to provide business context and enable your organization with the most relevant data
  • Certification - Centralize certified assets, control access permissions, and understand the trustworthiness of these assets

Enable the End-to-End Analytic Process

The Alteryx platform is the only place to get data cataloging combined with best-in-class data preparation, predictive analytics and spatial analytics so you can focus on the task at hand, not moving data from one tool to another.

  • End-to-End Platform - Go from data discovery to analytic insight. Use one analytic platform to discover relevant data, prepare and analyze that data, then schedule and automate your workflows
  • Collaborative Analytic Workbench - Eliminate data and analytics silos by providing disparate teams of varying skills with a unifying analytics platform that makes sharing and collaborating easy
  • Flexible Analytic Architecture - Future proof your analytic platform investment and harness the value from both the legacy systems, custom built applications, as well as more modern systems that might be acquired in the future

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