Toward Analytics Automation in Asia Pacific

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94% of line of business, IT and digital transformation leaders in Asia Pacific (APAC) agree that data analytics are important for their organizations to perform optimally. From drawing reliable forecasts in a volatile economy to optimizing and improving customer experience, the problems we face today demand data-driven answers. But not everyone is ready to create value from their data and analytics.

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Know where you stand

Take stock of your organisation’s analytics readiness with the IDC Analytics Process Automation (APA) Assessment. Learn what stage of maturity your business is at relative to peers, how you fare along the four dimensions found in IDC’s analytics maturity framework and receive IDC’s recommendations to get to the next level of analytics process automation.

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Toward Analytics Automation in Asia Pacific

IDC InfoBrief

Chances are that your organization is sitting on a mound of precious data that you don’t have the time, skills or resources to extract the valuable insights needed to keep your business at the top of its game. With increasingly complex data analytics tools in the market, a simple but powerful solution like analytics automation is key.

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Alteryx Analytics Automation Webinar

From Strategy to Scale: Uncover the Analytics Challenges and Opportunities. Get an in-depth analysis from IDC on the state of analytics automation in Asia Pacific. Hear exclusive insights from analytics experts on their journey toward analytics automation and driving digital transformation.

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IDC Analytics Process Automation Assessment

Benchmark your analytics automation adoption against industry peers with this free assessment tool. Receive a personalised report with expert tips to level up your analytics process automation and optimize your data analytics investments.

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