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Anne-Queline Keller

Anne-Queline Keller

Director, Retail Solutions Strategy and Marketing

Written By Anne-Queline Keller

Man in grocery store wearing mask

Pandemic Pantry Panic: Battle for Your Share of the Shelf

COVID-19 has turned the grocery industry on its head — changing how, what, and where consumers shop. See how grocers can harness the power of data analytics to get the results they need to meet their strategic goals.

Woman dancing in front of colorful backdrop

Retail + CG: Meeting Adversity with Data

COVID-19 has brought on struggles that highlight the importance — and urgency — for digital transformation. See how the retail and consumer goods industries are responding. 

Man with credit card and laptop

Pivoting Retail: Now + After COVID-19

During this crisis, the ability for retailers to pivot quickly to alternative solutions can make all the difference between sustainability and shuttering your doors.