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Tatiana Servin

Content Marketing Manager

Written By Tatiana Servin

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Survival Guide: Implementing Big Data Analytics

Consider this your survival guide to creating a culture of analytics — complete with a roadmap to success, a compass to guide you in the right direction, and a spark to light your fire. 

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7 Things Badass Analysts Say and Do

Empowered data analysts have figured out how to quickly prepare their data for analysis, so they could spend more time analyzing it. Here are the top 7 ways they moved beyond basic analytics.

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Beyond the Surface of Spreadsheets

It’s true that spreadsheets offer a lot of value in certain use cases. But when the data gets messy or large, spreadsheets become slow and very cumbersome. Read why self-service data analysis is on the rise.

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Characteristics of the Olympic Data Analyst

Curious minds from all backgrounds are quickly gaining the analytic skills organizations need to deliver quicker business insight. Learn more about these qualified candidates.

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Explore the Depths of Common Data Types + Formats

Knowing the formats, types, and usages of data can be more than just good conversation fodder at your company’s next outing. It empowers you with the kinds of information available at your fingertips.

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Sink or Swim: 5 Big Data Challenges

Hang around long enough anywhere and you’ll pick up familiar nomenclature, general truths, and knowledge. Anyone who has worked with data will nod their head at these phrases.