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An ACE Journey: Becoming the Next Top Alteryx Enthusiast

Discover the ACE strand in your DNA

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Whether it’s the next go-to restaurant or the benefits of a single company-wide analytics platform, a great discovery just begs to be shared. And you may have already done it.

Maybe you’ve already walked a co-worker through an analytics workflow or waxed enthusiastic on automation changing the way you work with data. Perhaps you’ve even dropped everything to help someone solve a sticky problem.

If you have that passion for sharing, and the knowledge to inspire it, you’re already well on the way to what we call an ACE: An Analytics Certified Expert, someone who’s saved the day with automated analytics and can bring that superpower to the Community.

The ACE program is all about motivating others to move beyond the status quo, just as you already have. But if you’re not familiar yet, no worries — let’s walk through the program together, along with five ways you can start pursuing your own ACE journey.

What You Need to Know About the ACE Program

The Alteryx ACE program highlights some of the strongest advocates who amplify the ACE within themselves. They are, of course, great at using the Alteryx platform, but more importantly, they are some of the most influential, supportive experts of Alteryx analytics in their own company, community, country — online, local, or a mix of it all. Being an ACE certainly comes with the kind of peer recognition most would covet. It’s the top designation given to any Alteryx user. See what four ACEs from around the world have to say about the program:

ACE benefits

  • Exclusive ACE swag and an online badge
  • Invitations to online and in-person gatherings
  • VIP Invitation to Alteryx Global Kick-Off with all Alteryx associates and partners
  • Discount on Inspire registration and training
  • VIP seating and events at Inspire
  • Access to online forums including ACE Lounge and Slack
  • Quarterly ACE Broomfield Technology Center visit for behind-the-scenes look and feedback with Alteryx team
  • Early access to beta programs
  • Quarterly feedback session with Alteryx Product Management on product roadmaps
  • And more!


  • You must be employed by an Alteryx customer or partner
  • You must be actively involved in amplifying Alteryx in some way; it might look like the following:
  • Serving as a contributor to the online Alteryx Community by providing product ideas and use cases, writing blogs and/or knowledge-base articles, helping peers find solutions, influencing on social channels, etc.
  • Participating in offline activities, including leading an Alteryx User Group, speaking at Alteryx-sponsored events, volunteering with Alteryx for Good, or presenting at Inspire
  • Sharing Alteryx within your organization, leading team training, or helping a colleague learn Alteryx too
  • All ACEs are governed by the NDA/confidentiality clauses within the signed Alteryx contract
  • If an ACE isn’t able to adhere to our NDA, they will not be able to join our closed-door feedback/roadmap sessions (and they’re pretty awesome, in case you’re wondering)


Selection as an ACE is an annual appointment. ACEs are periodically reviewed against our criteria.


Nominations are open post-Inspire and close mid-March of each year. You can nominate yourself or someone, including an Alteryx associate, can throw your name in the hat. An appointment is announced once a year during Chief Customer Officer Libby Duane Adam’s keynote at Inspire US and EMEA. Dates will vary depending on the date of Inspire.

Examples of ACE activities

  • Contribute online by writing blog posts or knowledge-based articles
  • Participate in quarterly feedback sessions with various Alteryx teams
  • Speak on the ACE Track at Inspire
  • Share experiences on the Alter Everything podcast
  • Idea exchanges with the Alteryx Development team
  • Contribute at a user group meeting, lead a user group, present at Alteryx-sponsored events (e.g. Whiskey + Analytics), prospect calls/meetings with Sales, plus mentorship
  • And more — there are many ways to get involved as an ACE and the team is always open to your creative ideas

Time commitment

Varies per person and role, but the average is an hour a week at the most. Totally worth all the ACE swag and perks we talked about above.

Alteryx Your Potential at Any Time

For both ACEs and Alteryx users taking it to their next level, nothing is more rewarding than creating (or introducing) new solutions with Alteryx, sharing your learnings with others, and collaborating with Alteryx users around the world! Now that you know what becoming an ACE entails, here are the five ways you can get started down your path.

1. Explore the power of sharing Alteryx

The best way to get started is to begin sharing. After all, teaching is also learning, and ACEs totally get that. Your willingness and excitement to share with people whether it be a colleague, a whole team, or company are what put you on the map.

2. Power your passion in the Alteryx Community

Whether you simply start entering the conversation on the online Alteryx Community or want to join a user group, there are many ways to power your passion. Start collaborating with other users to learn new and exciting ways to use Alteryx for solving your company’s toughest problems.

Alteryx User Groups are independent volunteer organizations created, organized, and run by users who get together throughout the year. There are currently local, industry, and department user groups as well as the possibility of starting your own internal group at your company. These communities provide an opportunity to meet and network with peers and share ideas, experiences, and best practices.

3. Power your personal impact with Alteryx for Good

Alteryx for Good Co-Lab is a volunteer network of Alteryx experts providing analytic expertise to nonprofits and educators. Hear from our CEO Dean Stoecker as he shares a little bit about ending the Opioid crisis with analytics at SXSW. Part of the effort includes Alteryx ACE participation in a code-a-thon for the Department of Health and Human Services.

4. Power your potential with Alteryx Academy

Now you can amplify your skills through interactive lessons, live training, weekly challenges, and a road to official Alteryx certification using the Alteryx Academy as your ultimate resource.

5. Power up your story for others to hear

Hearing how other Alteryx users apply Alteryx at work inspires others with ideas to solve similar challenges they might face in their organization. We like to promote stories across various industries and multiple departments. Share your story by serving as a customer reference in opportunities like use cases and customer testimonials, to encourage users to learn from peers and explore innovation across businesses.

ACEs are at the heart of Alteryx, rich with contributions and ways to make a positive impact on people's lives, locally and globally.

Boundless Opportunities for Alteryx Users and ACEs

Being regarded as a superstar in the community yields exponentially more opportunities including speaking engagements, mentorships, and partnerships. You probably have noticed that our ACEs are very prominent across the Alteryx community. From supporting users on community to blogging about their experiences and projects to leading an Alteryx user group, there are a variety of ways for you to engage. There is not just one kind of ACE, but what they all share in common is an incredible passion for analytics that compels them to share it with others. Those engagements lead to the ACE designation.

You are at the heart of Alteryx, rich with contributions and ways to make a positive impact on people's lives, locally and globally. Start by sharing your solving superpowers with a colleague and watch where the journey takes you. Becoming an ACE can simply be the beginning. Consider it a way to expand the opportunities on a limitless platform opening doors to mentorships, speaking engagements, leadership roles, co-presentations, and more.

Want more ACE goodness?

For more information regarding the ACE program, please email [email protected].

What all ACEs share in common is an incredible passion for analytics that compels them to share it with others.

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