Learn more about the people behind the writing, Design, and Production.

Alan Jacobson

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Alan Jacobson is the chief data and analytics officer (CDAO) of Alteryx, driving key data initiatives and accelerating digital business transformation for the Alteryx global customer base.

Andy Dé

Senior Director for Healthcare Solutions Strategy and Marketing

Andy Dé leads the innovation, thought leadership, evangelism, go-to-market, and commercialization strategy, planning, and execution for solutions targeted at healthcare providers and payers.


Andy MacIsaac

Solutions Marketing Director

Andy MacIsaac, Solutions Marketing Director at Alteryx, leads go-to market messaging and strategy for the public sector and higher education industries.

Anne-Queline Keller

Senior Manager, Retail Solutions Strategy and Marketing

Anne-Queline Keller leads the innovation, thought leadership, evangelism, go-to-market, and commercialization strategy, planning and execution for Alteryx’s solutions targeted at retailers. Most recently, she won the Eureka Innovation award and was nominated for a Women in Technology award. 

Emily Singer

Manager, Public Relations

Emily Singer manages public relations for Alteryx and is responsible for corporate public relations strategy and programs designed to create awareness and amplify how customers leverage the platform to drive remarkable business and social outcomes. 

Gretchen Roberts

DIRECTOR, GLOBAL Content Marketing

Gretchen Roberts tells stories about data with the power of words. At Alteryx, she leads a talented team charged with creating content that educates and inspires data analysts, data scientists, and business leaders through their analytics journeys.

Jenn Ho

Graphic Designer

Jennifer Ho is a passionate graphic designer by day and cut paper artist by night. She uses visual problem solving to inform, direct, promote, entertain, engage, and educate. Jennifer shares her designs to create more smiles with a ho bunch o' stuff.

Jordan Myres

Customer Marketing Manager

Jordan Myres is a Customer Marketing Manager at Alteryx in Denver, CO. Previously he worked for a Microsoft consulting firm, and in his free time he enjoys hiking, spending time with his friends and eating breakfast burritos. 

Maddie Johannsen

Manager of Alter Everything Podcast

As manager of the Alter Everything Podcast, Maddie delivers audio stories that highlight data science and analytics culture, and celebrates the rich and thriving Alteryx Community. Skilled at making connections, Maddie is passionate about lifting people up, and amplifying stories of analytics excellence.

Mel Erbes

Content Marketing Manager/INPUT Editor

I use the power of words to inspire, educate, and challenge prospects and customers to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of solving their toughest business problems. 

Melissa Burroughs

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Melissa is an advanced-analytics advocate who dreams of democratizing data science. A former research physicist and business analyst, she’s seen the business and technical sides of data work and believes all analytics practitioners have more in common than they realize.

Neeta Kamat

Solutions Marketing Manager

Neeta is a Solutions Marketing Manager who helps organizations realize the power and benefits that analytics can have on their business. She has held roles in public accounting, tax, program management, and finance. 

Nick Jewell

Director of Product Evangelism & Enablement

Nick works within the company’s Product Management, Sales, and Customer Success teams to build and present its end-to-end platform vision with customers; acting as a product evangelist with analysts, data science communities, and the wider public.

Nick Sinai

Senior Advisor

As Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Nick Sinai led Obama’s Open Data Initiatives to liberate data to fuel innovation and economic growth.

Nicole Johnson

Sr. Consultant

In her current role at T-Mobile, Nicole is known as "The Fixer". A serious problem-solver with a cheerful personality, Nicole is happy to help create or improve tools for any department, from finance to the field. She holds a BA in Accounting & Finance from the University of Washington. 

Olivia Duane Adams

Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and Co-founder

Olivia Duane Adams (Libby) is the chief customer officer (CCO) and co-founder of Alteryx, and one of only a handful of female founders to take a technology company public, along with her founding counterparts, Dean Stoecker and Ned Harding.

Robyn Winner

Director, Global Marketing Technology and Web

As the Director of Global MarTech + Web, Robyn brings over ten years' experience in the marketing industry mastering SEO, website design and development, marketing technology and analytics.

Russ Duncan

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Russ is a product marketer who is passionate about enabling individuals and organizations to realize the power and benefit of technology, data, and analytics through a human-centered approach. He is a self-described serial observationalist who is intrigued by connecting the lived experience with subtext, abstract thought, and the spaces between binary analytic outcomes. 

Shane Remer

Content Marketing Manager

Shane transforms complex topics into (hopefully) enjoyable stories. When he’s not at Alteryx, he’s usually destroying a fictional character’s life, regretting not packing more water for a hike, or tempting fate in an organized sport.

Susan Currie Sivek

Data Science Journalist for the Alteryx Community

Susan Currie Sivek, Ph.D., is the Data Science Journalist for the Alteryx Community. She’s a writer and data geek who loves figuring out the best ways to share complex ideas. She spends her free time outdoors with her dog or indoors with a good book.

Tara McCoy

Creative Director

Tara McCoy is the Creative Director at Alteryx. Since joining Alteryx in 2004, Tara has held roles in Product Management, Content Engineering, and Community where her focus has always been on delivering an amazing product experience with Alteryx.

Tatiana Servin

Content Marketing Manager

As a content marketing manager, Tatiana owns strategy, development, and distribution of content about modern analytics in finance, tax, and audit. She also writes about the broader data science and analytics journey. 

Taylor Porter

Content Marketing Specialist

Breaking the barrier between word and number people, Taylor has a passion for analytics and communication. When he’s not researching predictive or inciting data champions, he’s tinkering with chatbots and writing content to fuel the analytics space.