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Dave Elliott

On Solving Real Business Challenges With Analytics

Manual, mundane, time-intensive tasks with siloed approaches and no single version of the truth — sound familiar? Hear how Dave Elliott, Global Solutions and Data Innovation Manager, Mayborn Group, was able to escape spreadsheet hell and start solving real business challenges with analytics. 

Alteryx Chat

Let’s #AlteryxChat – ACE Edition

In August, Alteryx hosted its first Twitter chat featuring the Alteryx ACEs. Here, we've recreated the chat so you can relive the experience.

Trees with spray painted question marks

Data Tells the Truth … or Does It?

Two analysts walk into a bar with the same question and come out with different answers. Who’s telling the truth? See how to get to a single version of the truth and get your analysts speaking the same language. 


Woman dancing in front of colorful backdrop

Retail + CG: Meeting Adversity with Data

COVID-19 has brought on struggles that highlight the importance — and urgency — for digital transformation. See how the retail and consumer goods industries are responding.