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Taking Action for Children During COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, child care providers in Central Ohio closed, leaving essential workers scrambling to find a safe place to take their children. See how Action for Children was able to utilize Alteryx to launch the first map in the state showing open providers. 

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Automating Geospatial + Predictive Analytics to Accelerate Insights and Mission Outcomes

See two real-world use cases from Atkins, a contractor to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, on how they utilized advanced geospatial analytics to respond to disasters, saving tens of millions of dollars in inspection costs and most importantly — speeding up delivery of recovery support to people and communities. 

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5 Ways Digital Health Innovation Will Grow + Evolve Post-Pandemic

The disruption triggered by the coronavirus has induced unplanned growth across the healthcare industry. Despite these challenges, leaders in healthcare see tremendous potential in AI and analytics to deliver on the promise of higher quality care at a lower cost.  

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11 Ways Data Science Is Combating Coronavirus

In the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), there have been a wide swath of use cases being discussed, and in some cases, implemented. Here are a few of the top ones you may have missed.