Inspire 2018: Keynotes


Dean Stoecker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alteryx
Dean Stoecker
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Alteryx

Chairman, CEO and founding partner of Alteryx, Dean Stoecker will kick off Inspire 2018. Dean's leadership and motivational skills, along with his ability to create, communicate and realize a vision, are a driving force behind the enterprise adoption of the Alteryx platform. He is an accomplished and respected industry professional with a strong knowledge of industry dynamics, technology trends, and application requirements related to market analysis and spatial technologies.


Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer, Alteryx
Olivia Duane Adams
Chief Customer Officer - Alteryx

Olivia Duane Adams is a founding partner of Alteryx, and as Chief Customer Officer is responsible for overseeing and maximizing the complete Alteryx customer experience, from engagement to on-boarding, communications, performance, and retention. She has interacted with nearly every Alteryx customer, giving her a holistic perspective of the overall platform experience from implementation to adoption success.


Ned Harding, Chief Technical Officer, Alteryx
Ned Harding
Chief Technology Officer - Alteryx

Ned Harding is Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and a founding partner of Alteryx. He is responsible for developing technologies that improve the speed and capacity of the Alteryx platform for self-service data analytics. Prior to co-founding Alteryx, Ned was a senior software engineer at Qualitative Marketing Software, Inc. (QMSoft), a developer and manufacturer of database and turnkey direct marketing solutions, where he was the lead developer of several industry-leading products, including GeoStan and InfoStan.


Langley Eide - Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations - Alteryx
Langley Eide
Chief Strategy Officer - Alteryx

Langley joined Alteryx in early 2015 to help prepare for and lead the company through a period of intense growth. She has held a number of operational roles, and had responsibility for Corporate and Product Strategy. Prior to Alteryx, Langley was VP, Finance and Strategy forServiceNow and prior to that, an Executive Director in Morgan Stanley’s Menlo Park office, focused on high-growth Technology clients. Langley has been an analyst and led analytic teams throughout her career. Langley also serves as a volunteer advisor to Operation Homefront and enjoys spending time with her family.


Jay Bourland - Senior Vice President, Engineering - Alteryx
Jay Bourland
Senior Vice President, Engineering - Alteryx

As the Senior Vice President of Engineering, Jay brings 20 years of high technology experience to Alteryx. Prior to Alteryx, he led Customer Engagement Solutions and served as the Group Technology Officer for Pitney Bowes Software. While serving as the Vice President and General Manager of the Customer Data Quality and Data Integration business, he was responsible for re-establishing Pitney Bowes in this market and turned a business in 10% decline to a 40% growth rate.


Ashley Kramer - Vice President, Product Management - Alteryx
Ashley Kramer
Vice President, Product Management - Alteryx

Vice President of Product Management, Ashley is responsible for driving the direction of the Alteryx platform. She brings tremendous knowledge to scale the product organization, facilitate development of cloud offerings and strengthen strategic partnerships. Ashley was previously Director of Product Management and Head of Cloud Strategy at Tableau, where she drove their move to the cloud, oversaw their SaaS vision and offering development, and managed the cloud partnership ecosystem.


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