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Alteryx Inspire 2018


Alteryx is offering two dedicated days of intensive and highly sought-after platform training. The instructors for these sessions represent the best-of-the-best that Alteryx has to offer, and ensure specific, actionable training that creates game-changing solutions for our customers!

This year's training offerings will include expanded topics and a greater number of session rooms to accommodate everyone's needs. There are full day courses (6 hours) and Elective Courses (2 hours). Mix and match to customize your perfect training experience. Sign up early within the registration process to secure your seat!

New in 2018 — Certification at Inspire!
Go home with a certificate upon passing our exam, proving what you learned at Inspire! Certification for the Core and Advanced exam is FREE and last minute paid preparation courses are available. We will also be offering the Expert Certification Exam that is available only at Inspire or Inspire Europe!

Course Type 2017 Year End Promo:
By Dec. 31, 2017
2018 Early Bird Promo:
By Feb. 28, 2018
2018 Regular Conference Rate:
By June 1, 2018
Elective Courses (2 Hours) $100 $125 $150
Full Day Courses (6 Hours) $300 $375 $450
Certification Exam Prep (Core, Advanced, and Expert) $100 $100 $100
Certification Exam (Expert) $100 $100 $100
Certification Exam (Core and Advanced) FREE FREE FREE


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Full Day Courses: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Level
Designer 101: Core Concepts — SOLD OUT

Are you new to the Alteryx Designer or have limited experience with the Designer? Kick-start Inspire with this class about developing basic workflows in the Designer with the full gamut of Favorites tools in no time!

Location: AccN-Lv200 255

Server 101: Architecture, Deployment, and Scaling — SOLD OUT

In this class, learn about how the Server architecture is implemented, how to deploy a single node server, scale a server vertically and horizontally, benchmark testing the deployment, and discover more about how Alteryx manages their own deployment.

Location: AccN-Lv200 252B

Designer 201: Macros — SOLD OUT

If you've been working with .yxmds for a while, step it up to .yxmcs! In this course, students will learn how to parameterize a workflow for production, implement best practices for macro development and create a variety of simple macros that can help cut down on repetitive processes.

Location: AccN-Lv200 257

Designer 202: Apps — SOLD OUT

If you are constantly being asked to change your workflow to reflect people's ever changing questions, this course is for you! Applications can help your end users work with your workflow without ever opening the workflow itself. In this course, students will learn how to create a user interface for an analytic app, implement best practices for app development and deploy/share apps to a wider audience.

Location: AccN-Lv200 258

Designer 301: Macros — SOLD OUT

You are used to working in macros, but you want to know how you can be more creative with them. This course will focus on more advanced iterative and batch macro construction, management, and sharing.

Location: AccN-Lv200 256

Designer 302: Apps — SOLD OUT

You might be building apps, but you may also find that you are only using half of those interface tools for fear of how to configure the Action tool. Break free with this course and learn how to configure those more difficult tools, as well as learn best practices around app deployment, management, testing, and sharing.

Location: AccN-Lv200 251

Designer 401: Intro to Advanced Analytics — SOLD OUT

Looking for your first foray into advanced analytics? In this class we will overview the lifecycle of predictive analysis, steps to sanitizing your data, creating your first predictive workflow, and overview other tool categories like predictive grouping and time series.

Location: AccN-Lv200 253


Elective Courses (2 hours): 8:00 AM-10:00 AM Level
Core Concepts for SQL Users — SOLD OUT

Are you new to the Alteryx Designer but you are familiar with SQL? In this class, learn how to translate your knowledge of SQL into a basic Alteryx workflow.

Location: AccN-Lv200 254

The Art of Fuzzy Matching — SOLD OUT

Have two separate data sources that you need to blend, but the source systems aren't consistent enough for clean joins? Join this class to understand not just the fuzzy matching tool, but the methodology and requisite knowledge to successfully match the most records possible.

Location: AccN-Lv200 261

Enhancing Predictive Analysis with Predictive Grouping — SOLD OUT

Grouping often serves as a means to an end, however the processes should not go unconsidered in your next predictive analysis. Join this training to find out why it's important and how it can improve your analysis.

Location: AccN-Lv200 252A


Elective Courses (2 hours): 10:30 AM-12:30 PM Level
Data Investigation Fundamentals — SOLD OUT

All too often, we talk about Data Investigation for predictive tools. However, the reality is that every user seeks the ability to understand their data at the next level! In this class, learn about the state of your data and its needs for the most effective analysis.

Location: AccN-Lv200 254

CREW Macros — Tools You Didn't Know Existed — SOLD OUT

There is a designated set of tools that many Alteryx employees use that is not officially supported by the product: the CREW macros. Presented by the macro developer himself, learn about all the additional tools you can download that can help resolve tricky development tasks.

Location: AccN-Lv200 252A

See the Future — Time Series Analysis — SOLD OUT

Have a rich history of data based in time? Use your data to help create future projections and impress your organization using your crystal ball, Alteryx.

Location: AccN-Lv200 261

Spark Direct: Code-free and Code-friendly Data Pipelines with Alteryx and Apache Spark — SOLD OUT

In this course, business analysts will learn to leverage Spark to perform data prep and blending on massive datasets, without writing a single line of code. Additionally, data scientists and engineers will learn how to embed advanced Spark operations written in Python, R, or Scala into Alteryx workflows by using the Spark Code tool.

Location: AccN-Lv200 259


Elective Courses (2 hours): 2:00 PM-4:00PM Level
Parsing Fundamentals — SOLD OUT

Many of us have lost count of how many times we have received data in the form of a giant singular string. Learn some of the most popular methods of turning the nonsensical into beautifully columnized datasets.

Location: AccN-Lv200 254

High-Powered Parsing: Regular Expressions — SOLD OUT

Having troubles getting that stubborn data to parse? It's time to get serious with regular expressions. In this class, learn about the basics of constructing a regular expression, how to increase or decrease the expression flexibly, and the tools in which it can be implemented.

Location: AccN-Lv200 252A

Prescriptive Optimization — SOLD OUT

In this very basic introduction to the optimization tool, learn about how a single tool, in conjunction with data preparation, can find the best possible outcome for your business problems.

Location: AccN-Lv200 261

Writing R-Based Macros — SOLD OUT

Alteryx has so many great tools for you to use, but you are missing just THAT ONE type of analysis that your organization does with R. In this class, learn how to implement your R code into an Alteryx tool that you can use again and again.

Location: AccN-Lv200 259




Peter Janssens
Global FP&A Director
Business Operation & Supply Chain

Peter Janssens - Global FP&A Director, Business Operation & Supply ChainPeter Janssens is a Global Director of FP&A for Business Operations and Supply Chain at Cargill. With a lean team focused on analytics and value creation, Peter has implemented and automated finance metrics that produce insights for ongoing operation evaluations. Prior to joining Cargill, he held financial management roles with the likes of Stanley Black & Decker, McCain and KPMG. Peter holds a Masters in both Accounting & Audit and Finance from the Flemish Business School, Brussels.

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