We Will, We Will, Rock Your Server

Play your best analytical music with Alteryx Server. Daniel and Joe show you how they orchestrate magic with Alteryx Server and how they tackle some of the pitfalls of striking the wrong notes in implementation. Both ACEs share use cases, including how to deploy virtual machines using Alteryx apps and integrate Alteryx Server with external APIs such as Slack. They also show how to combnie Alteryx Server + Tableau Server into a single portal. The session dives into the platform and takes you on a journey, all the way from building an initial workflow to getting production ready. These tips will have you feeling like you just learned to play a new instrument and mastered it in one day.

Joe Lipski, Associate Director, Javelin Group
Daniel Brun-Elgaard, Partner, INVISO

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ACE Guide to Enterprising Your Workflow

Workflows that run often are subject to changing data conditions. Some of these conditions require attention and may require intervention. Beyond the tips + tricks at Inspire, learn techniques used by enterprise organizations to ensure data integrity. In this session, learn how to identify and mitigate risks and apply advanced Alteryx concepts.

Mark Frisch, CEO, Marquee Crew
Patrick McAuliffe, Drug Diversion Analyst, Meijer
Sean Adams, VP, Head of Operations Analytics Enablement, Goldman Sachs

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ACEs' Delight: Panel Session on SDLC + Alteryx

A panel of Alteryx ACEs share their experiences and best practices for deploying and scaling Alteryx in a variety of enterprise environments. Topics include the software development life cycle, migrating workflows from development to production, version control and change management, and using Alteryx Server in highly regulated organizations. Walk away with ACE tips on deploying and scaling in an enterprise environment while building a culture of analytics!

Nicole Johnson, Sr. Business Solutions Consultant, T-Mobile
Jesse Clark, Application Developer, Fallon Health
Sean Adams, VP, Head of Operations Analytics Enablement, Goldman Sachs
Jason Mack, Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase

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Walk This Way: API & UI

Tired of manually exporting data from your CRM, advertising platform, or other data vendor? Want to learn more about APIs and how to incorporate them into your workflows? This session walks you through authenticating the API call, including how to connect to a simple API, wrap in a macro to create your own connector, and how to approach new APIs that you might not know existed. You won't want to miss how to translate API documentation into a successful REST API call with the Download Tool, how to troubleshoot pesky API calls, and how to wrap the API in a macro for use within multiple workflows.

Jarrod Thuener, Chief Analytics Officer, Kristalytics

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ACEs Got Talent: An Interactive Alteryx ACE Showdown

Have you ever wondered about the best magic tricks the ACEs have up their sleeves? Curious what they would say when forced to pick their favorite macro or tool? Who will reign victorious when they're pitted against one another with the audience’s vote deciding everything? Witness an exciting, competitive, and interactive panel of our bravest Alteryx ACEs as they go head-to-head in several rounds of rapid-fire questions. You’re guaranteed to walk away with a pounding heart and a deck of tricks to put up your own Alteryx sleeve.

Joe Lipski, Associate Director, Javelin Group
Ben Moss, Consulting Analyst, The Information Lab
John Hollingsworth, GIS Manager, Clear Channel Outdoor
Michael Barone, Data Scientist, Paychex Inc.
Deanna Sanchez, Senior Consultant, Teknion Data Solutions

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You Break It, You Build It: A Cyber Defense With the Alteryx Platform

It's not enough to break down silos in business using the Alteryx platform. With security breaches occurring in every sector, teams must build a Connect(ed) environment that allow users to crowdsource a future of Promote(d) algorithms to protect everyone. In this session, learn how Alteryx can break down silos within a business, how Connect can crowdsource data quality for dynamic workflows, and how Promote can prevent security breaches.

Andrew Kim, Senior Manager, Data Meaning

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Alteryx Your Career + Team: Going From “What Is Data?” to “Citizen Data Scientist”

Want to Alteryx your career or data team? Want to know how you or your team can go from data novice to data analyst, and from analyst to citizen data scientist? Alteryx ACEs Treyson Marks, Adrian Loong, and Heather Harris define each role and how to set up a career path to elevate analytics across your organization. Learn how to bridge the analytics talent gap, Alteryx your organization, and start practicing analytics and data science as a team sport.

Heather Harris, Analytics Practice Lead, Tuknik
Treyson Marks, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Alteryx ACE
Adrian Loong, Practice Manager - Data Science and AI, Datacom

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Path to Brilliance: Building an Analytical Center of Excellence at Signet Jewelers

Signet Jewelers is amid a three-year, corporate, strategic turnaround plan called Path to Brilliance. During this session, hear how the team at Signet is tackling their three planks of the plan: Customer First, OmniChannel, and Culture of Agility and Efficiency. Learn how they are cultivating a Culture of Agility and Efficiency with the right platform, people, and processes. Don't miss hearing how the team shines in changing the hearts and minds of the user community and gaining executive buy-in. Walk away knowing how they overcame challenges, built a true community of passionate analysts, and went from three Alteryx licenses 10 years ago, to proof of concept, and finally, to enterprise deployment.

Gary Gruccio, Director of Enterprise and Market Analytics, Signet Jewelers

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Sounds of (Data Science) 101

Data science is truly based on the scientific method, with hypotheses, explorations, and experiments — lots and lots of experiments. In this session, Heather Harris walks you through the data science framework using an airline guest case study. Expect to hear discussions on how to identify a relevant business question, implement data collection methods, design multiple machine learning experiments, and report effective conclusions.

Heather Harris, Analytics Practice Lead, Tuknik

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Tuning up Your Process: Delta Record Processing

Every day, the analytic requirements of organizations grow at a rate never before seen. These new requirements put immense pressure on organizations to add processes, and ultimately data, to their ecosystems, oftentimes without a plan to tie this information back to a single point of reference. Sound familiar? Master Data Management is a process for utilizing existing relationships and building logical bridges where direct relationships don't exist to tie separated information together. In this session, learn how to identify logical gaps and use Alteryx to fill those gaps to alleviate some of the pressure of memory-intensive processes.

Treyson Marks, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Alteryx ACE

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Across the Universe: Advanced Spatial Use Cases in Alteryx

In this session, two ACEs passionate about advanced spatial analytics come together. Advanced spatial analytics is music to their ears, akin to hearing The Beatles for the first time. Listen in to see how two ACEs solve challenging spatial analytics problems to unlock key location intelligence insights using the Alteryx Platform. You won’t want to miss how John creates dynamic map atlases filled with hundreds of pages of insight. Plus, this session covers how Deanna leverages spatial and demographic datasets to perform site selections for hospital locations that reveal optimal new sites benefitting underserved populations. This dynamic duo welcomes your curiosity and questions, so bring your questions on how to integrate Alteryx into your current spatial analysis processes and learn from the best!

John Hollingsworth, GIS Manager, Clear Channel Outdoor
Deanna Sanchez, Senior Consultant, Teknion Data Solutions

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Analytics: Missing Knight at the Round Table

Join DCP Midstream on their quest of discovery from peasants to knights in shining armor. Learn how HR and Finance at DCP Midstream are making strides in bringing new transparency to data that allows for storytelling, actionable business decisions, and gained efficiencies. Talent acquisition has never been able to prioritize its resources throughout the recruiting lifecycle on a real-time basis, until now — showing impressive results of reducing time to fill by 25%. With Alteryx, Finance can integrate data from Operations and Commercial into financial analysis to provide all parties with a complete picture and reduce fiscal waste — over 40,000 hours on one project alone. DCP Midstream is going through a transformational journey, and Alteryx is the critical piece of this. Alteryx is making a cultural change by bringing traditionally siloed groups together and supporting them on their journey to knighthood.

Michael Chen, HR Data Analytics Lead, DCP Midstream
Krystle Jochim, Sr Revenue Accountant, DCP Midstream
Alejandra Lyon, Sr Financial Systems Analyst, DCP Midstream

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand ... Through How (and Why) to Build a Nested Macro

Alteryx macros are a big step forward in the analytic journey for most analysts. After all, you can greatly expand your capabilities with macros. However, there are some problems where the only solution is two macros, one inside of the other. In this session, learn how to identify when you might need a nested macro and what you can do with nested macros. Plus, you won't want to miss hearing about the development of a dynamic field comparison macro, which takes the output of a Join and creates a variable number of comparison columns to identify any discrepancies between two data sources.

Jesse Clark, Application Developer, Fallon Health

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Make Analytics Music With Mongo for Gallery Usage Metrics

The Server Usage Report downloaded from the Licensing Portal is a treasure trove of information for Server usage, but sometimes, you just want something short and sweet with minimal overhead. In this session, learn how to use the Mongo tools in a scheduled module to pull and store Gallery App usage information, including app name, run length, run end time, user, and user-entered, app interface values. After all, it’s important to pull app results often when users can delete their app results or you have your Server set to erase app results on a regular cadence, like every 30 days. See how to use a low overhead module that runs every five minutes where results can even be queried. Expect to discover powerful results, including an on-demand report run in the Gallery that will compile app information for apps that have run in a consolidated way.

Michael Barone, Data Scientist, Paychex Inc.

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Hot in Here: Examining 100M Temperature Readings to Understand Global Warming

For the past four years, Alteryx and Tableau have been used to process and visualize global climate data. This work has been documented on the site: Climate Change Quantified. Many different descriptive analytical approaches were combined with interactive visualizations to examine the observed climate changes that have happened over time. This work was conducted to gain a better visual and quantitative understanding of global climate changes that have occurred. During this presentation, a new component of this work is explained. A detailed examination of temporal temperature changes at over 5,200 monitoring stations was conducted each day of the year. What this means is that nearly 2 million trend models were computed to quantify changes in temperature across 60 years. The results were used to understand the temporal and spatial temperature changes that have occurred worldwide. The goal of this presentation is to explain global climate change as documented by using historical temperature records. Video recordings of the Alteryx workflows developed to complete this work will be available.

Joe Mako, Consultant, Joe Mako, Inc
Ken Black, Data Scientist, General Motors

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Movin' and Groovin': The Migratory Patterns of the Common Workflow

Alteryx Server version 2018.4 was the release of a series of endpoints enabling the automation of workflow deployments between Alteryx Server environments. While workflow migration is primarily intended to move workflows between development and production environments. These endpoints provide additional fringe benefits to administrators managing Alteryx Server. In a sense, workflows migrate. This session provides practical ways to learn the basics of workflow migration. Take away practical strategies to automate migration using Alteryx and R.

Michael Treadwell, Alteryx Practice Lead, InterWorks

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Data Discovery for All: Alteryx Connect and Predictive NPS Modeling at ADP

Before data can ever be mined for insights, users have to know it exists. ADP implemented Alteryx Connect to make data discoverable and searchable for their team. In this session, Michael Wang shares how his team ensured that Connect received the attention it warranted by marketing it internally like a hot, new blockbuster with teaser videos, pilot programs, and a strategic marketing campaign. He also shares an example of the work that came out of their data-democratization journey—a predictive NPS model they built using Alteryx Designer tools to inform their pricing strategy and reduce customer churn.

Michael Wang, Senior Director, Business Intelligence, ADP

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Alight & Alteryx: Reimagining How People and Organizations Thrive

Learn how Alight uses a grassroots campaign and several pilots to excite a workforce to reimagine the possibilities. Then see how Alteryx unlocks the power of their data to deliver services with improved quality and reduced effort, all while enhancing the team's ability to provide value-added solutions and insights. In this session, hear how Alteryx makes it easier to adapt to and care for each client. Additionally, learn how Alteryx saved Alight 400 hours in a payroll-conversion reconciliation process by alllowing automation to validate 1 million payroll deductions, transforming a multi-week review process for health and insurance plans into a single-day review.

Brian Davis, Director, Alight Solutions
Grant Jollands, Senior Practice Manager, Alight Solutions

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Cargill: Saving Time + Delivering Results With a Mature Alteryx Deployment

Cargill has 400 licensed users who crush data with Alteryx. Join this session to hear from three Alteryx users across varying maturity levels — new, intermediate, and veteran — and see how Alteryx saves them time. They share several use cases with Server-based workflows that output previously impossible datasets and analytic apps to deliver end users with self-service data analytics. Don't miss hearing how Dave, Jenny, and Haumana accomplish the work of 7 FTEs with the Alteryx Platform, collectively saving Cargill 731 hours every month, allowing them to focus on enabling leaders and customers to make faster, analytics-based decisions.

Dave Teece, Digital Solutions Architect, Cargill
Jenny Schoohs, MI Senior Analyst, Cargill
Haumana Johannsen, Business Intelligence Analyst, Cargill

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Alteryx Analytics in Commercial Real Estate at CBRE

CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, leverages their high volume of market data and speed of delivery as key differentiators in their product and service offerings. Join to hear how the adoption of Alteryx impacts analytics in the organization and helps deliver new outcomes in key business areas. Learn how CBRE leverages Alteryx to: create an automated data pipeline to replace 60-plus custom Python scripts, reducing a manual monthly process by 50%; build sentiment analysis tools and predictive models to predict tenant occupancy churn; and analyze historical and current state of the market to identify trends and predict business opportunities. Finally, expect some tips to improve documentation and speed development for your teams.

Anees Khandoker, Sr. Software Engineer, CBRE
Kevin Kim, Data Intelligence Manager, CBRE

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Analytic Transformation at Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae is the leading provider of mortgage financing in the United States. Operating under a congressional charter, Fannie Mae plays an important role in the nation’s housing finance system; they provide liquidity, stability, and affordability to the mortgage market.  Recent economic conditions have required Fannie Mae to be even more responsive in servicing a rapidly changing customer.  Hear how Fannie Mae's BI Center of Excellence team enabled vast improvements in the delivery of reporting and analytic insights while scaling the team to over 600 Alteryx users.  Learn how Alteryx became the foundation of their new tech stack, utilized for cleaning, joining, and performing advanced calculations on a dozen-plus data sources across Oracle, SQL, Netezza, and Excel, with output to MicroStrategy and Tableau. Fannie Mae now rapidly deploys dashboards that transform data into meaningful and insightful narratives that drive real-time market analysis and business strategy.

Umar Salam, MicroStrategy Lead, Fannie Mae

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Having "The Talk" With IT About Alteryx

Powerful analytics tools, such as Alteryx, can blur the lines between traditional analytics, data management, and IT roles — leading to project delays, security concerns, and other conflicts. Learn how iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson worked to build a collaborative business/IT culture as it integrated Alteryx into its analytics infrastructure. This presentation includes examples of data governance programs, change management techniques, and suggestions for establishing mutual understanding between departments.

Mike Kinde, Advanced Analytics Lead, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

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Meeting Your Audience on Their Terms With Alteryx

In typical Fortune 100 companies, like HCA, analytics consumers fall into three categories: senior management, which is still a fan of paper-based reporting summaries; operational leaders, who use "filterable" reports/dashboards to mine for insights; and sophisticated DIY data types that just want raw data. In this session, hear how one Alteryx workflow can cater to all three constituencies, with outputs tailored to each user's preference for receiving the same analysis. Learn how to leverage the power of the Alteryx reporting tools to summarize and tailor a message for a senior leader and automate data mining for insights.

Ryan Richardson, AVP, Strategic Analytics, HCA

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Small Wins: Organically Growing Automated Business Intelligence in Your Organization

Releasing analysts from the drudgery of operational and repetitive tasks can deliver better results for the business, and yet proving the initial ROI to the business to secure the resources needed to implement new tools is often the linchpin to achieving greater success. At Intuit, rather than trying to move the entire company into automation wholesale, they started small with one analyst successfully automating over 20 hours a week of burdensome operational work, and then scaled her results across an entire analytics team, and ultimately, across the global analytics organization. Using her initial, small wins as a starting point, they organically grew a base of users who evangelized iron-proof use cases that broke through organizational red-tape and established a robust business case demonstrating that Alteryx was a critical business necessity.

Krysten Dell, Salesforce Business Analyst, Intuit

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From Zero to Analytics Hero: User-Driven Alteryx Journey at JPMorgan Chase

In this session, hear how JP Morgan Chase & Co organically expanded usage of Alteryx from a couple of users to over 1,000 in just over two years. Join this session to learn how different departments came together to implement a cultural shift within analytics and enabled Alteryx at a massive enterprise scale. See how JP Morgan created a real "buzz" around the Platform and built a thriving community of empowered analysts, all while maintaining governance and the controls necessary in a global financial organization. Leaders from different business lines share how they used the same solution to solve disparate problems unique to their areas. They also share some lessons learned and best practices developed along their path of growing a user-driven Alteryx community of excellence.

Jason Mack, Executive Director, JPMorgan Chase
Pawel Toczynski, VP, Data Analytics Manager, JPMorgan Chase

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A Force Multiplier: Arming the DoD With a Mission-Driven Analytics Culture

In this session, learn how Northstrat and Rotunda Solutions successfully pioneered the first instances of Alteryx within the DoD, and in doing so, gathered a wealth of information and lessons learned. These topics run the gamut, including how to establish need, win user-support, engage Department executives, address IA, navigate red tape, secure funding, purchase licenses, implement into DoD environments, and integrate with standing DoD systems. Don't miss hearing how they established an inaugural DoD User Group to promote an empowered community and how they offer resources like those found in industry/regional groups.

Steven Lee, CEO - Director of Data Science, Rotunda Solutions, Inc.
Thomas Burkat, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Northstrat Incorporated
Kelly Reburn, Customer Facing Data Scientist, Strat Support

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Building the Dream — Data Science Success at MINDBODY

Everyone is talking about data science — but how do you successfully implement it into an organization? Join MINDBODY to learn how they make the data science dream a reality. Don't miss seeing how they construct and scale their team of data scientists with Alteryx. Learn what skills their leaders prioritize when hiring and how they enable their team. Walk away hearing the various ways MINDBODY is using Alteryx, including how they automate manual processes to deploy predictive analytics with the Python SDK, how they implement Alteryx Connect, and where they plan to go next with the Platform.

Alex Soria, Sr. Director, Data Science, MINDBODY
Charlie Lewis, Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence, MINDBODY

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Honeywell Finance’s Secret to Digital Transformation + Automated Forecasts

The Digital Finance team at Honeywell is leveraging Alteryx to promote a data-driven culture, enhancing analytical capabilities across the business. They recently automated their quarterly forecast, which included data from over 100 sites globally. Instead of having 25-plus people update their manual processes every week, the team uses Alteryx to automate and schedule over 20 workflows that load directly to SAP HANA and Essbase. The resulting forecast is 97% accurate and is used by over 150 users via Tableau. Joe and Dan walk through their workflows and discuss how Honeywell continues to advance their analytics work by setting up a Community of Practice and how they pilot predictive models to improve their forecasts.

Joseph Majewski, Sr Director, Digital Finance, Honeywell
Dan Trimble, Finance Business Intelligence Lead, Honeywell


Be Excellent to Each Other (A Center of Excellence Adventure)

In the future, the music of Wyld Stallyns inspires universal harmony. But getting bumbling bandmates Bill and Ted to this point requires a time travelling phone booth, a cadre of influential historical figures, and a most triumphant final report. A high-functioning Alteryx Center of Excellence is the key to accelerating adoption, scaling innovation, enhancing sustainability, and ultimately, realizing significant return on your investment in Alteryx. But creating and maintaining a high-functioning Alteryx Center of Excellence is not a trivial endeavor. This presentation reviews the successes, failures, people, and processes that allowed KPMG's data and analytics Center of Excellence to empower thousands of Alteryx users across the globe — a most excellent adventure!

Garrett Lodewyck, Manager, Data & Analytics Engineer, KPMG

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A Journey From Prototype to Prescriptive: The Foundation to Catapult Into Advanced Analytics

A Center of Excellence for data is something that companies around the world aspire towards but are unsure how to achieve. Come and see how NBN flipped a team of data workers from 80% data prep to 80% analytics, becoming the CoE for data foundation in the process. Learn how NBN went from prototyping the value of data for one business function all the way to enabling data-driven culture across the entire enterprise. Come see what's next with analytics made possible by Alteryx.

Neil Osipuk, Principal Consultant, RXP
Bernardino Pelaez, Executive Manager, Sales & Marketing Capability, NBN

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Have you ever wondered what tips and tricks other Alteryx users have up their sleeves? What about sharpening your knowledge on specific tools? How about building your analytic network and finding a community? If you said yes, come join us! In this session, connect with other Alteryx rockstars, hang out with fellow user group fans, and hear about how they are Alteryx-ing their data skills.

Seth Moskowitz, Senior Business Analyst, Interpublic
Ben Edelman, Vice President, Kantar TNS
Renato Baruti, Founder, CEO, Baruti Analytics
Nick Haylund, Consultant, nyxDATA
Tessa Enns, Sr. Analyst of Operations Metrics, Quest Diagnostics

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The Great Escape

Get ready — this isn’t your average conference session. Join us for a totally unique, interactive experience! In this session, attendees form teams to complete several fun tasks. Using Alteryx, you and your team can set out to find hidden objects, solve riddles, interrogate players, and decipher maps and puzzles. If you have a keen eye, a sharp brain, and a competitive spirit, this session is for you!

Paul Houghton, Core Team Consultant, The Information Lab
Phillip Lowe, Alteryx/Tableau Consultant, The Information Lab

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Easy as Py | Giving the Power of Python to the Masses

Python is probably the most popular programming language for data scientists today, but how can (and should) you use it with Alteryx? In this session, hear from Nick Haylund and Tom Larsen as they discuss collaborating on (and winning) the Alteryx Python Tool contest with the Glassdoor Scraper, a tool developed using the Alteryx Python SDK. This session is delivered in two parts. First, the initial idea and reason to leverage Python to scrape Glassdoor, and second, putting the idea into action as they build the functioning tool. Be ready to participate as you discover how to give the power of Python to your organization using Alteryx.

Nick Haylund, Consultant, nyxDATA
Thomas Larsen, Senior Analytic and Automation Engineer, ABB

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Tips + Tricks

You are cordially invited to attend Alteryx' 2019 Tips + Tricks "Country Edition" tour! Margarita and Jessica unveil a collection of time-tested (and a few new) Alteryx tips + tricks, crowdsourced from the Alteryx Community. Leave this session ready to strike the right chord with your next project! Everything is covered, from workflow design, to organization and optimization, to our best time savers. Save the date, you don’t want to miss it.

Margarita Wilshire, Sr. Supervisor, Customer Support, Alteryx
Jessica Silveri, Premium Support Adviser, Alteryx
Henriette Haigh, Principal Engineer, Alteryx

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Where the Wild Ideas Are

The Alteryx Community has historically been an excellent place for generating new and interesting ideas for building the future of Alteryx ... but how does it actually foster those ideas and help bring them to fruition? Join a round table of Alteryx enthusiasts, including ACEs and Alteryx employees, as they discuss: ways to create a culture of innovation through events like Innovation Days; best practices in the Community for communicating new ideas; and a round table discussion of a few of their own wild ideas, as well as some of the ways they might actually manufacture these new features — not just the "what", but the "how"!

Nicole Johnson, Sr. Business Solutions Consultant, T-Mobile
John Hollingsworth, GIS Manager, Clear Channel Outdoor
Andrew Kim, Senior Manager, Data Meaning
Alex Koszycki, Program Manager, Alteryx
Katie Haralson, Sr. Manager, Product Management, Alteryx
David Wilcox, Senior Software Engineer, Alteryx

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LEGOlytics: Creating a LEGO Masterpiece Using Alteryx

Join Alteryx ACE Ben Moss for a session on how he created an Alteryx workflow that converts an image into a LEGO set. This session includes a hands-on element as he walks you through how to implement packing logic through an iterative macro!

Ben Moss, Consulting Analyst, The Information Lab

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Born to Solve | Think Like an Alteryx Champion

Do you know Alteryx inside and out but still have trouble understanding how experienced users see a solution, think of a problem, or envision a way to solve it? In this informal session, Patrick, Esther and Joe put an analytic problem in front of Alteryx users and watch how they figure it out. Their hope is that you walk away understanding not only a problem, but the different approaches and mindsets that can be taken to solve it.

Patrick Digan, Actuary, MedPro Group
Esther Bezborodko, Senior IT Trainer, McKinsey & Co., Inc
Joe Miller, Director, Customer Enablement, Alteryx

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Speed Networking | Amplify Your Network

Bring your business cards, break out of your comfort zone, and meet new people. You may even spark a mentor/mentee conversation! In this session, take 45 minutes to meet like-minded analytics professionals and Alteryx experts who, like you, are altering everything. Amplify your network, FAST ... just like Alteryx.

Leah Knowles, Community Engagement Programs Manager, Alteryx
Tara McCoy, Creative Director, Alteryx

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The Space Between Us: Using Alteryx to Plan Your Night

Have you argued with friends over where you should meet for dinner or drinks? If so, this Alteryx app is for you! Using the spatial tools in Alteryx and the Google Maps API, “The Place Between Us” asks users to define start locations and preferred place types. The app then outputs a report suggesting the best meeting places and directions for your night out. This session walks through the app and showcases ways to use Alteryx outside of work, and then it talks about how doing personal analytics can benefit both your skills and your career.

Andy Uttley, Senior Consultant, Javelin Group

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Grid-Based Movement in Alteryx

Alteryx is a great data analytics platform, but it can do so many other things! In this session, learn how to use the spatial capabilities of Alteryx to create a grid of varying sizes, calculate movement on that grid — even with terrain blocking the path — and calculate action ranges and line of sight using user-generated input, all without leaving Alteryx. Along the way, challenges, solutions, and lessons learned will be discussed.

Jesse Clark, Application Developer, Fallon Health

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UCI's Master’s of Analytics Program + Alteryx Gives Students an Advantage

The University of Irvine's new Master’s of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) is a cutting-edge curriculum of data science and analytics. Within this program is BANA 290: The Art and Science of Applied Forecast Modeling, a class in which students are taught how to build robust predictive analytics using Alteryx. Attend to see how Alteryx is helping students develop complex forecasting models that would have been nearly unimaginable without Alteryx!

David Savlowitz, CEO, Competitive Analytics
Michael Ponton, Competitive Analytics, Professor

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run-alteryx-run-using-the-run-command-to-automate-everything-1-638 (1).jpg

Run Alteryx Run: Using the Run Command to Automate Everything

While Alteryx challenges people to alter everything, 84.51° likes to use Alteryx to automate everything. In this session, 84.51° covers how their data scientists extended Alteryx past its traditional toolset to provide full-service automation through command-line calls to Tableau Server, SAS, Oracle, Python, R, Microsoft Office, and more. By harnessing the power of the Run Command Tool, they can leverage Alteryx for its strengths, like data wrangling, ordering screens, and scheduling, while using command-line utilities to supplement with heavy-lifting data queries and complex reporting. In addition to providing a technical overview of these capabilities, they also touch on a couple of use cases that leverage these tools, as well as how they standardized and socialized them as macros for the rest of their organization to use.

Michael Carrico, Lead Data Scientist, 84.51° / Kroger
Evan Clippinger, Data Scientist, 84.51° / Kroger
Brandon Skinner, Senior Data Scientist, 84.51° / Kroger

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Improve Patient Experience + Measure Digital Marketing ROI at AdventHealth

Like many healthcare organizations, AdventHealth was challenged in two key areas: getting the most out of their patient surveys, and measuring marketing ROI. Using Alteryx, they were able to tackle both challenges to provide deeper insights into patient sentiment and marketing analytics. Attend this session to learn how AdventHealth was able to leverage text analytics to help them understand true patient sentiment and achieve and maintain patient satisfaction metrics to qualify for full Medicare reimbursement. In addition, hear how they were able to leverage a billion data points from various clinical data sources, combined with techniques in Alteryx like regex and fuzzy matching, to improve match rates and deliver over $100 million in ROI.

Pritesh Kucheria, Senior BI Solutions Analyst, AdventHealth
Mandeep Saggu, BI Solutions Analyst – Intermediate, AdventHealth
Derrick Chen, Senior BI Solutions Analyst, AdventHealth
Troy Lu, BI Solutions Analyst – Intermediate, AdventHealth

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Alteryx Takes Flight: How Alteryx Keeps American Airlines Soaring

Are you wondering what Alteryx can do for you? Learn how American Airlines’ Line Maintenance Strategic Planning department leveraged Alteryx to reduce schedule processing times by 99%. Alteryx was the key to providing new schedule insights and allowing analysis of data that just wasn't possible before. If you want to learn the tools and tricks of Alteryx to make your workforce more efficient, this is the session for you!

Michael Byars, Schedule Analyst, American Airlines

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Servers in the Cloud – Stopping Fraud With Alteryx

Australian Financial Crime Exchange is collaborative partnership between Australian banks, Government and Law Enforcement with a mission to prevent financial fraud and cybercrime. AFCX uses Alteryx server to drive live data services in the cloud, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this session, AFCX will demo their core dynamic apps and show how Alteryx Designer and Server tools can be applied to deliver strong, scalable solutions across industry.

Suzanne Nieuwenhuizen, Sr. Product Manager, Australian Financial Crimes Exchange

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Turning up Predictive

For professional associations, efficiently allocating resources to members who are "at risk" of not renewing is pivotal. With predictive analytics, Eric has successfully addressed this challenge, building a model that is 95% effective at predicting members who will renew. Join to hear about the stages of predictive model building, from understanding the business problem, to data wrangling, to evaluation of the model and its deployment. Eric also shares his tips for achieving buy-in from stakeholders and how to educate your organization on predictive.

Eric Okunevich, Product Manager, OnePlus Systems

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One for the Books: Building a Test and Learn Macro at Barnes & Noble

Before Alteryx, retail store testing was inaccurate, confusing, and time consuming. The AB testing macros enable B&N to give business leaders rapid insights with a solid statistical foundation. This program illustrates how B&N uses all of the testing macro tools to develop a complete test and learn workflows to manage analysis of retail store tests, including how they overcame common issues such as creating one-sided statistical tests and unusual test timeframes. With the power of Alteryx AB testing, B&N can task a single analyst with managing dozens of tests simultaneously and providing extremely fast turnaround when executives need progress updates across a variety of aspects of the business, from store process improvements to new product and loyalty programs.

Steven Gallion, Analytics Partner, Barnes & Noble
Jack Palmer, Senior Manager, Analytics, Barnes & Noble

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Turn Natural Disaster Response Upside Down: Blue Cross NC’s Proactive Model

Natural disasters can strike at any time, and as a healthcare provider, it's critical to be prepared to respond to and provide communications to customers in a timely manner. In this session, learn how Blue Cross of North Carolina leverages Alteryx to create an Emergency Alert and Rapid Response system that innovates how they communicate with customers before and after natural disasters. Hear how they leverage data from the National Weather Service, government agencies, customer data, and more to better understand the impact these disasters will have and improve their communications and responses — ultimately providing deeper insights to leadership and better care for their customers.

Sarah Golnik, Analytic Product Developer, BCBS NC

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How to Build Scenario-Based Revenue + Expense Forecasts With Alteryx Predictive Tools

Cetera Financial Group is one of the largest independent financial broker-dealers in the US. This session illustrates how Cetera applied the Alteryx predictive tools to develop interactive what-if forecast models of their business. Moreover, Cetera expanded their use of Alteryx to incorporate both internal KPIs and external drivers such as correlative macro-economic indicators and key industry variables to refresh forecast scenarios automatically.

William McBride, Director, FP&A, Cetera Financial Group
David Savlowitz, CEO, Competitive Analytics
Michael Ponton, Director of Analytics, Competitive Analytics

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Being an Analytic Team of One at Coca-Cola

How does one analyst provide support to a global team of 50 people in Sales, Operations, Finance, Customer Service, and Marketing for thousands of locations and millions of rows of data? Alteryx allows Jay Caplan to be a "team of one" with data blending, data management, reporting, and analytic tools that enable him to create visualizations, dashboards, and projects. In this presentation, Jay reviews two business cases about how a team of one can use Alteryx to achieve great success, and he demonstrates why the platform is growing in popularity at Coca-Cola.

Jay Caplan, Senior Business Analytics Manager, Coca-Cola

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Analytics for the People! One City's Data-Driven Change Through Local Government

The city of Tallahassee is leveraging an advanced analytics ecosystem to join the ranks of "smart cities" by providing new services to citizens, replacing manual processes with automated programs, and fostering a culture of self-service business intelligence. The transformations highlighted include a partnership with the Community Redevelopment Agency to create new, spatially aware dashboards crafted from a series of disparate data sources, an algorithm to detect water leaks and automatically notify customers and field technicians of continuous water consumption, and a reporting component that allows engineering staff to focus on analysis instead of busywork, saving hundreds of hours per year.

Caprice Walker, Web Applications Developer, City of Tallahassee
Brian Scott, Innovation Manager, City of Tallahassee
David Carnes, Chief Analytics Officer, City of Tallahassee

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Demystifying and Finding Insight in IoT (Connected Vehicle) Data

Alteryx allows manufacturing companies to adapt and reach beyond their traditional business with new technology. Having built trucks since 1942, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) leverages Alteryx to help their employees and customers change the way they interact with their vehicles by providing actionable intelligence and becoming a more data-driven organization. During this session, learn how Isaac Otto leverages IoT data and Alteryx to investigate, prototype, and validate products and services to deliver insights from DTNA “devices” into customers’ hands.

Isaac Otto, Connected Vehicles Analytics Lead, Daimler Trucks North America

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Taming a Blizzard of Spatial Data: American Dairy Queen’s Alteryx Success

American Dairy Queen originally licensed Alteryx for a single, specific project. While exploring the capabilities of the software, they applied spatial tools to determine which of their vendors were closest to each of their locations. Converting the procedure to an Alteryx workflow changed a four-person, 41,000-hour process into a single, repeatable workflow (the most current and optimized version of this workflow takes about 20 minutes to run). The time and resource savings were so considerable that it justified keeping Alteryx, even though this application was not a part of the original project! Since then, they have added many use cases and continue to optimize their current workflows. Join to hear about two of American Dairy Queen’s spatial use cases — vendor proximity and competitor duplication — and learn how their workflow building process has evolved.

Kara Mills, Manager- Restaurant Development Strategy & Analytics, American Dairy Queen

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We Built This City of Analytic Success on Alteryx – a Gates Story

The Gates Collaborative Category Management Program provides channel partners with expanded data sources and a data-driven approach to maximize revenue with optimized inventory assortment. By combining numerous data sources, technology, and the partner's business strategy with Alteryx, Gates has effectively provided logical recommendations on the most optimal inventory to have at each location. The program’s success has been overwhelming with 40-plus channel partners enrolled. The program also doubled its sales goal set for 2018, received a Customer Excellence Award, and was a top-three finalist for the first ever Customer Excellence Award in the automotive aftermarket industry! Join to hear how Alteryx made it possible for a team of one to establish the program, achieve great results, and grow by adding another analyst. Don't miss hearing about Gates’ workflow improvements and how they plan to expand with Gallery and move into predictive analytics.

Amber Frickey, Category Management Analyst, Gates
Roberta Sarabin, Manager, Category Management, Gates

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Putting the Tech in Tax at Grant Thornton: #Taxtech

Grant Thornton heavily invests in understanding their clients' environments and processes, allowing them to provide the best advice and solutions possible. Today’s client environments require analytics, data manipulation, and most importantly, fast innovation. Join this session to learn how self-service platforms like Alteryx enabled Grant Thornton to rethink and recreate their methods of services. Hear how they leverage Alteryx in daily tasks, from small engagements to extensive tax consulting, which improve the collaboration, agility, and responsibility with clients, while also providing the stepping stones for the future of automation and AI.

Zara Muradali, Partner, Northeast Innovation Leader, Grant Thornton
Anthony Stola, Manager, Grant Grant Thornton
Alex Schmitt, Senior Associate, Grant Thornton

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IU Online + Alteryx: Prospect to Applicant Analytics Made Possible

At Indiana University, calculating marketing yield means connecting students' “request for information” data from their CRM to the university’s Student Information System to determine if a prospect has applied, was admitted, and if they were eventually enrolled. Extracting, cleaning, and joining this disparate data manually is a tedious process. Join this session to learn how IU Online’s first Alteryx workflow reduced their prospect-to-applicant analytics process from five hours to five minutes, how it improved their confidence in the yield results, and how it started some great conversations about the future of marketing analytics across the university. Learn about additional student success metrics and where they plan to take Alteryx on their higher ed journey.

Sharon Wavle, Associate Director, Decision Support and Reporting, Indiana University Online
Chelsie Deatrick, Data Analyst, Indiana University Online

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Training Compliance: Targeting, Tracking, and Reporting at Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, health care compliance training is not just something they talk about; it's a fundamental element of their compliance program. Ensuring they are meeting targets is a key success goal for the organization. Historically, this effort was hampered by timely access to training data and complicated by irregular data collection and non-standard data fields. These issues led to lengthy reporting cycles, stale data, and delays in meeting compliance goals. Learn how they created a comprehensive end-to-end approach to target, track, and provide transparency into annual compliance training. Using Alteryx Designer, Server, and Tableau, Johnson & Johnson eliminated the fragmented and manual process, which took days for the Health Care Compliance Office (HCCO) to produce a report. It's now a centralized, automated, and instantly available reporting process. The impact across each of their 100-plus HCCO's has led to shorter compliance cycles, productive conversations with leadership, and valuable insights.

Adam Ehrenworth, Lead Technology Analyst, Johnson & Johnson

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Leveraging Alteryx to Implement + Manage Juniper’s Snowflake Data Warehouse

At Juniper Networks, the Go-To-Market Analytics team uses the power of Alteryx to support and automate their finance and sales data analytics pipelines. But when the team’s original, underlying file-based spreadmart began to crumble after creating dozens of production dashboards and analyses, they decided to combine the power of the Alteryx platform with the computing power, scalability, and concurrency that Snowflake Computing had to offer for a winning analytics solution. In this session, learn how Juniper migrated workflows and data sources to Snowflake, and how they subsequently reduced cycle times by more than 90% by leveraging Alteryx Server with Snowflake. Through the use of Alteryx in-DB tools, the Alteryx ODBC connector, the Snowflake Bulk Loader, and a home-grown macro to execute SnowSQL from Alteryx Server, the Go-To-Market Analytics team is now delivering enhanced statistical models and Tableau data visualizations for leadership to make decisions in a timelier manner.

Ben Kocarnik, Data Analyst, Juniper Networks


Making Tedious Data Processes Fun

GroupM is the number one global media investment management group, helping customers find or create valuable audiences, engage them, and create desired marketing outcomes. With Alteryx, two divisions — Gain Theory and Mediacom — are having fun and rocking their data. Join this session to learn how they blend raw media data from numerous massive data sources together to create a cohesive, uniform data baseline, automatically parsing and organizing digital reports to immediately identify which audiences, locations, and creatives are generating the highest revenue. Learn how Alteryx Gallery allows them to utilize global inputs across multiple workflows in a chained app environment to perform on-the-go data validation and dynamically create data feeds to increase automation and accuracy by integrating Alteryx with Python, R, Red Shift, Amazon S3, and SFTP. The teams have achieved over a 90% increase in effectiveness and efficiency by using Alteryx. Get ready for some media fun.

Niveda Krishnan, Senior Analyst, Gain Theory
Kieran Ridge, Manager, Analytics, Mediacom

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Creating a Data Foundation for Healthcare Supply Chain

Success in supply chain requires data from many different systems and sources to gain better understanding of the business. In this session, learn how the Supply Chain department at SCL Health partnered with their IT department to create a data infrastructure that allowed the department to generate reports and analysis they could never produce before. Find out how they currently leverage multiple data sources from their ERP system and other platforms to assess and correct data within their ERP, and how they provide insights into their cost and operational performance. All of this resulted in improved data quality and purchasing operations to support their current and future information needs.

Kris Walker, Director, Supply Chain Systems and Analytics, SCL Health

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Engineering in a Spatial Environment: Finding Patterns + Anomalies at SiriuxXM

SiriusXM uses the Alteryx spatial tools to sift through thousands of miles of drive-test data to find and classify locations where SiriusXM service can be improved. Within this immense data set, SiriusXM is able to flag areas with service outages due to bridges, tunnels, overpasses, improperly configured cell towers, and even illegal interference. In-depth spatial analysis can be difficult and slow with traditional programming methods, but switching to Alteryx allowed them to develop solutions faster and better than ever before. With Alteryx, SiriusXM gained deeper insights into their data by leveraging the spatial and predictive grouping tools. Furthermore, they were able to scale and automate their processes by taking advantage of Alteryx Server.

Stephen Mack, Systems Engineer, Sirius XM

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Moving Human Resources Into the Future With Alteryx

As an industry, Human Resources is going through a transformation for the future with data and tech playing a central role. For Taboola, Alteryx transformed how processes were directed within HR, allowing Taboola to deliver value at scale across their growing company, for example, leveraging Alteryx to automate multiple processes that traditionally were manual. Taboola created some exciting solutions to help automate processes, such as creating hundreds of JIRA tickets a day, collecting and quickly redistributing critical information from Google Sheets for fast collaboration, as well as many more use cases.

Jeremy Urban, Director, People Analytics, Taboola


Five Steps to Building an Analytics Driven Culture

Today's leading organizations know they must harness the value of analytics to compete in today's competitive marketplace. Yet many are only beginning to scratch the surface in realizing the business value they want or expect. Data and analytics should be at the core of your business, driving strategy, innovation, and operational efficiencies. To realize this vision, you need a supporting culture and cast of executives, line-of-business employees, and partners. In this presentation, Josh Howard discusses what a data and analytics culture looks like, what it takes to build one, and the tools needed to be successful.

Josh Howard, Sr. Director, Product Management, Alteryx

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Advanced Reporting in Alteryx

Take a dive into the deep end of reporting and visualizations in Alteryx. This session goes through creation of an advanced report: batching from multiple report tools, configuration through Layout, rendering to multiple output formats, and integration to a website through an API. Leave this session with the confidence to conquer any reporting challenge.

Bryce Laird, Technical Product Manager, Alteryx
Lauren Glogiewicz, Engineering Manager, Alteryx

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Alteryx APIs and SDKs

Do you hear the acronyms APIs and SDKs thrown around but are confused on how to use them to extend and enhance existing Alteryx capabilities? Learn more about just how powerful the Python SDK, HTML GUI SDK, C++ SDK, .NET API, and Alteryx Engine API can be in your everyday analytics. Leave with best practices and unleash your inner developer!

Blythe Early, Associate Product Manager, Alteryx

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Alteryx Architecture — Server, Connect, and Promote for IT

Ever wonder how to set up Alteryx from an IT perspective? This is the session for you! Learn how to physically architect your Alteryx platform to ensure every piece of the data journey communicates properly. Leave with best practices about communication paths, interconnectivity of relational databases, and everything in between!

Marc Wellman, Solutions Architect, Alteryx

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Alteryx Reporting Made Easy

You worked so hard on your analysis. With Alteryx, you can effectively communicate your results in minutes. In this session, Alteryx associate Alexander Polly reviews the tools in the reporting suite, how to use them, and some tips and tricks along the way. He builds a report and walks through the configuration of the tools used. In addition, he shows you how to automate your report and publish to multiple output types such as PDF or PPT.

Alexander Polly, Product Manager, Alteryx

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Toolbox to Access All the Data You Need: Download Tool, APIs + Web-Scraping

Back by popular demand! In this session, discover the secrets to making the Download Tool work for you. From authentication, to payloads, to server limits, this session provides an in-depth look at the Download Tool. This session covers live examples of pulling data from REST APIs and web pages, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls of downloading data.

Blythe Early, Associate Product Manager, Alteryx

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Assisted Modeling in Action

Are you intrigued by the terms machine learning, citizen data scientist, and assisted modeling? Learn how to create your first predictive model as David Cooperberg walks through machine learning examples and how citizen data scientists can use assisted modeling to impact organizations.

David Cooperberg, Product Manager, Alteryx

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Best Practices in Data Science

Alteryx allows users of all skills and experiences to rapidly access data, prepare data, build predictive models, and productionalize the resulting models in a code-free and code-friendly environment. This session reviews best practices for building predictive models in Alteryx Designer, and then discusses strategies for seamlessly deploying models, both in batch and in real-time with the Alteryx Platform.

Andrew Kramer, Solutions Architect, Alteryx

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Connect + The Value of Data Catalogs

Looking to learn more about Alteryx Connect and how the power of data catalogs empowers all types of data workers? Join this session to learn the fundamentals of configuring and executing metadata loaders to provide powerful data lineage, as well as understand how users interact with Alteryx Connect for data discovery and collaboration.

Dan Hilton, Solutions Architect, Alteryx

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Developing Player/Coach Relationships With Analysts and Data Scientists

Developing the relationship between your analysts and your quants leads to more thoughtful questions and a better understanding of what to solve for — which increases the ROI of each question. Alteryx helps bridge that gap by walking new users through variable selection, model training and validation, and understanding the results. This aids communication between teams, develops a common language and understanding of the process, and builds your culture of analytics.

Criston Schellenger, Community Support Advisor, Alteryx

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Duct Tape Data Science: Just Enough Data Science

If you’re teaching yourself data science and want to know how Alteryx can help you learn more and apply it to your own use cases, this session is for you. Learn about the data science-y parts of Alteryx and how to use them with open courseware. After that, learn how to actually apply those tools to the real-world problems you need to solve.

David Wilcox, Senior Software Engineer, Alteryx
JP Kabler, Senior Software Engineer, Alteryx

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Inside the Alteryx Engine: How It All Works

If you’re teaching yourself data science and want to know how Alteryx can help you learn more and apply it to your own use cases, this session is for you. Learn about the data science-y parts of Alteryx and how to use them with open courseware. After that, learn how to actually apply those tools to the real-world problems you need to solve.

David Wilcox, Senior Software Engineer, Alteryx
JP Kabler, Senior Software Engineer, Alteryx

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Extending Alteryx Server With the Gallery API

Have you ever wanted to integrate processing into another application? Alteryx Server provides multiple features, and one of the most powerful is the Gallery API, which allows you to execute workflows and consume results with HTTP calls. Dan Hilton walks through the concept, a working example, and technical resources to help you get started programming against this API.

Dan Hilton, Solutions Architect, Alteryx

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Geo-Enable and Analyze Your Data for Business Insight

Did you know that most of your data has a location component that can be geo-enabled for location intelligence to derive game-changing business insights? Discover how you can augment your workflows and apps using built-in geospatial capabilities and ready-to-use data products that can take your data and turn it into actionable business insights.

Nick Patel, Product Manager, Alteryx

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Innovation Through Data Driven Design

Data can impact every decision you make in your organization, and it's no different at Alteryx! In this session, learn how Alteryx uses data to drive every decision and get answers faster. Get an exclusive sneak peek at innovations Alteryx has cooking that will improve how you use Alteryx products and help make you an Alteryx rockstar.

Jason Provencher, Manager, UX Design, Alteryx

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Life in the Fast Lane: How to Deploy and Drive Enterprise-Scale Analytics

Are you excited to hop in the fast lane and start using Alteryx Server to drive enterprise-scale analytics? Not sure how to get started? Attend this session and learn about your deployment options for on-premises or major cloud providers, plus best practices. Walk away knowing how to optimally configure Server, and understand when and how to scale the infrastructure to support your business needs.

Tanya Stere, Product Manager, Server, Alteryx
Matt Hochstein, Principal Support Engineer, Alteryx

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Make Your Visuals Pop — Enhance Your Visualizations With Science

Say goodbye to boring visuals! This session provides an explanation and framework around how to incorporate proven techniques — developed from scientific research around the human eye and brain — to improve your visualizations in Alteryx.

Bryce Laird, Technical Product Manager, Alteryx

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Decisions, Decisions: Optimizing With Alteryx

Embracing prescriptive analytics to optimize decision making can be thrilling with Alteryx. Formal optimization methods can help you make more effective decisions. Attend this session to learn all about these methods through different case studies that look at applications in direct marketing, manufacturing operations, and financial portfolio management.

Dr. Dan Putler, Chief Data Scientist, Alteryx

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Tune in: Migration Station

Do you have workflows that you want to migrate from one Alteryx Server to another? Attend this session to learn how to use Alteryx' APIs to move workflows from one server to another. Walk away knowing how to build a workflow that will take care of migration for you.

Jeff Perrotto, Technical Product Manager, Alteryx

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Movin' on up the Analytics Spectrum!

Have you conquered the first five tool palettes of Alteryx Designer? Are you preparing your data with your eyes closed? In this session, learn how to move past those tools and onto the next set of code-free tools within Designer. From reporting, to predictive, to spatial, don't miss learning the top tools to try out to turn an ordinary analysis into an extraordinary one.

Mindi Grissom, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx

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More Than a Feeling: Natural Language Processing on the Alteryx Community

In addition to being an interactive platform where Alteryx users connect with one another, solve problems, and learn new skills, the Alteryx Community is a fascinating source of data. Attend this session to see natural language processing in action as Sydney leverages the posts on Community to explore and understand trends in topics and vocabulary used around Alteryx.

Sydney Firmin, Sr Data Science Content Engineer, Alteryx

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Push It to the Limit: Operationalizing Your Models in Promote

Wish you could easily deploy predictive models so people can use them? In this session, get an overview of Promote and see how it can help you take care of business. Ross Kippenbrock walks you through a statistical model, deploying a version of the model from all three of the clients (Designer, Python, R), and then demonstrates how this looks in a real-world setting with a demo of a web application that uses this model.

Ross Kippenbrock, Manager, Software Engineering, Alteryx

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FOMO Is Real: Here Are the Recent Designer Features You Might Have Missed

Attend this session and learn all about the features that were recently released that you may have missed. Don't miss them twice. Learn how to save workflows together, update and delete in-DB, use unsupported data sources, and quickly access articles on Community from Designer.

Alex Patten, Technical Product Manager, Alteryx

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Server 101: Amplify Your Analytics

You're looking to maximize the potential of Alteryx Server within your organization. Attend this session to learn how a typical Server journey is made successful. In this session, see how to amplify what you can do in Server with your analytics. This session covers how to schedule, collaborate, and empower your broader organization.

Matt Hochstein, Principal Support Engineer, Alteryx

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The Art of Advanced Analytics

Are you ready to level up your skills and start thinking about how to change the future of your organization? Nail the core concepts before you drag and drop your first predictive tool into a workflow. Learn more about predictive models and how to start using them in your world.

Melissa Burroughs, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx

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Music to Your Ears: Expand Your Alteryx Data Preparation With Python and R

Music to Your Ears: Expand Your Alteryx Data Preparation With Python and R

By fully utilizing R and Python tools in Designer, you can easily complement and expand the data preparation you're already doing. This session discusses how the R Tool can be used as a custom SQL builder for Alteryx datasets, and how the Python Tool can use variables to dynamically prepare and merge data sources without the need for hardcoding.

Andrew Kramer, Solutions Architect, Alteryx

Emily Roach, Lead Research Scientist, Alteryx

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Visualytics: Everything You Want to Know But Didn't Ask

What is Alteryx Visualytics? Visualytics helps you see data quality and shape at every step of analysis, share key findings to stakeholders in your organization, and visually interact with every insight. Attend this session to learn how to use Visualytics to take you from data to decisions.

Alexander Polly, Product Manager, Alteryx

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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?: Understanding Your Customer

Pinpointing your ideal customer is a bit like finding Carmen Sandiego. Using Business Insights, learn how to understand current and projected lifestyle, behaviors and attitudes, and in-depth profiles using Experian MOSAIC segmentation data. Attend this session to walk through a use case of a new business opportunity to determine a detailed customer profile, where they're located and how to target them effectively. Oh, and figure out where Carmen Sandiego is hiding!

Mindi Grissom, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx

Jessica Childs, Product Manager, Experian

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And Now for Something Completely Different: Alteryx for the Non-Analyst

As a non-analyst, you probably have a favorite go-to technology for solving any problem. Historically, Stephn Ahlgren's go-to tool technology was Perl, but he quickly changed his tune, and now that go-to platform is Alteryx. Learn through concrete examples how non-analysts can speak the common language of analytics — Alteryx. See how Alteryx speaks 0x42696e617279, and how leveraging s/R3g3x/e/g cracks even the most obtuse, unstructured datasets. Most importantly, learn how Alteryx plays nicely with other systems, acting as an orchestrator and facilitating automation to create repeatable, dependable, and testable processes.

Stephen Ahlgren, Principal Engineer, Alteryx

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Digital Transformation: Where Are You on the Journey?

As data science is democratized, digital business transformation initiatives are accelerating across every geography, industry, and domain — and data is the lifeblood. In this session, Alteryx' CDAO, Alan Jacobsen, walks through the strategy of driving successful digital transformation, which requires getting the right technology, people, and culture in place. The session ends with some great use cases where these principles are seen.

Alan Jacobson, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Alteryx