Inspire Europe 2018: Sessions On Demand

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Thousands of data scientists and analysts came together to learn how to Alteryx everything at Inspire Europe 2018. Our keynotes celebrated, educated, and motivated the community to ultimately break more analytics barriers than ever before!

 Transforming Copa Airlines

Transforming Copa Airlines' Data Culture in Sky-High Proportions

A data revolution is stirring at Copa Airlines, and it is being enabled by Alteryx. With a completely transformed data culture in the key business areas of Pricing, Revenue Management and Central Reservation Control (CRC). Copa has seen sky-high productivity growth as they have drastically reduced manual labor and improved the agility of the decision making process. Learn how the team has automated and optimized the re-accommodation of stranded passengers, and vastly minimized fare filing errors, to name just a few operational benefits. Join this session to see their process for quickly blending and processing more than 600 million records daily using the Alteryx platform; how they are setting up daily automatic email alerts for flights in danger of selling out based on predictive analytics; and how Gallery apps are reducing manual work. Get ready to be inspired by a transformation of sky-high proportions.

Nuria Saavedra - Intelligence Analyst
Isacar Racine Rodriguez - Sr. Intelligence Analyst


 Standard Bank's Journey to Automate

Standard Bank’s Journey to Automate.Everything

Standard Bank is a large international brand operating in multiple business areas and jurisdictions. Join Katrin Erb, Standard Bank’s Alteryx leader and a non-technologist, as she lays out some of the data challenges the bank faces. Dan Hare from Continuum joins Katrin as she explains how she has used Alteryx to provide resolutions in the last year, providing context from the Standard Bank and wider industry perspective. Katrin will be discussing a number of specific use cases and how she has used the Alteryx platform, including community and third-party tools, to achieve her automation goals. It’s not just talk about workflows though – Katrin will also lay out the business and organizational challenges that she is facing along their journey of Automating.Everything at Standard Bank.

Katrin Erb - Finance Automations Manager
Dan Hare - Founder, Continuum

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How NN Group is Transforming Their Finance

How NN Group Is Transforming Their Finance Function with Alteryx

NN Group is a Dutch insurance company with 170 years history. Like many big companies, they were experiencing low efficiency in various supporting functions. By leveraging Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Alteryx, and Microsoft Power BI, they are achieving a financial analytic transformation and maximizing the values of automation. One monthly-closing process that was performed by three different teams now can be completed within 20 seconds. Join this session to learn how NN Group is tearing down information silos, and giving their Finance teams better insight into data, as they leverage spatial analytics for business mileage claims and use data analytics for detecting high-risk journals.

Sufeng Li - Business Analyst

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Delivering Value Across Adidas

Delivering Value Across Adidas with the Alteryx Platform

Alteryx runs deep at Adidas, and the platform is being used to alter multiple business functions across teams from self-service BI and analytics to data science. On the IT side, they have built workflows that test data quality and improve data accuracy, while Server and Gallery apps are being used to manage database user administration for over 200 users. Alteryx is also being used for payment integration to monitor fraud, website parsing of relevant open data for optimized pricing, to track that third-parties are adhering to Adidas’ prestigious brand positioning, to mobile app integration. Join to hear about the use cases and see the workflows that are helping Adidas deliver value across their business, and hear about where they are going next.

Carina Seidel - Consumer Data Champion
Bruno Jagic - Data Integration Specialist

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 How Brookson is Transforming to Digital Platform

How Brookson Is Transforming to a Digital Platform Business with Alteryx

What started as a small accountancy firm has transformed into a company of over 450, providing labour related professional services to end clients. That transformation has continued, as Brookson Group has also transformed their business to a truly digital platform with Alteryx. They have digitalized advisory services, and complex financial work has gone from taking hours to seconds. From customer portals, to core systems and ecosystems, to business intelligence and data analytics, their augmented intelligence engine is the hub that influences all aspects of their platform business – and is built on Alteryx, Squirro, and Tableau. Join this session to learn how Brookson has deployed hundreds of Alteryx Gallery Apps and algorithms and made it easy for themselves and their customers to grow exponentially.

Brian Millrine - Strategy Director

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Alter the Future of Audit

Alter the Future of Audit

Mircea Zamfir leads the Group Audit Analytics function at ABB, a pioneering technology leader in the field of energy and automation. In his role, he is supporting the function to digitally transform the traditional way of auditing through analytics and digital technologies. Prior to joining ABB, Mircea has established the audit function for shared service centers and led the IT audit team in Europe for the largest steel company, ArcelorMittal.

Mircea Zamfir - Global Audit Manager - Analytics

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Close Brothers Alters Customer Churn

Close Brothers Alters Customer Churn with Alteryx

When the Head of Marketing requested predictive customer churn models, the central data science team at Close Brothers went to work. This was to be their first project with zero prior Alteryx experience. The team completed the work from beginning to end in Alteryx including data access, exploration and cleaning, feature generation, predictive modeling, and model comparison. Today, the final model has been productionised in BAU and the accuracy of the predictive model is 80-90%. Join this session to learn how one team created productionised models diving headfirst into Alteryx and the additional benefits that followed. This session will also detail how the model outputs are used by the Marketing and Telesales teams to target high defection risk customers, and how data science and business teams can successfully work together.

Rossella Melchiotti - Data Scientist
Viktor Kazinec - Head of Analytics Delivery

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How Virgin Altantic Marketing Created a Data Revolution

How Virgin Atlantic Marketing Created a Data Revolution with Alteryx

Virgin Atlantic’s Marketing Department has undergone a data revolution in just 12 months, from limited data access to a stable data workbench that delivers predictive modelling and Alteryx apps to support the marketing activities. Join to hear how the team at Virgin is generating deeper insights about their customers, from improving campaign management; to using spatial analysis to identify the most relevant airports to market to customers; and how building predictive models in Alteryx has enabled them to run more targeted campaigns, resulting in at least a 10% uplift in response. You’ll learn their tips for gaining buy-in, key watch outs, and the benefits of taking a multi-step approach to analytics – both in terms of success and gaining stakeholder confidence.

James Heimers - Manager, CRM Planning and Insight
Phil Peacock - Data Planner
Nick Pashley - Data Planner

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Sainsbury's Alters Everything

Sainsbury’s Alters Everything with Alteryx

Sainsbury’s Alteryx journey began with blending data, building databases, applications and reporting to the wider business. Since then, they have evolved their Alteryx use cases to demystify Argos sales; connect into and plot sales data on a map; share data across the business (we were up and running in weeks, reporting on two sides of the business within property), and produce wider insights. Join to learn from some of the first Alteryx adopters at Sainsbury’s, who are driving the thrill of solving bottom-up and top-down, as they share workflows and results for:

  • Spatial analysis of geographic regions for two businesses, replacing a manual process and saving weeks
  • An iterative macro that supported marketing with equipment delivery to erroneous locations
  • The Blob tool, which supports using multiple excel templates within multiple applications
  • And maybe even some unicorns
Samantha hughes - Analytical Systems Developer
Joe Serpis - GIS Analyst
Tim Rains - Senior GIS Analyst

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JP Morgan Manages Large Scale System Feed

JPMorgan Manages Large-Scale System Feed Landscape Via One Master Workflow

Many organisations are curious about creating a single master workflow that does it all, analytically speaking. In this session, hear JPMorgan Chase dive into how they developed a generic master workflow framework that orchestrates over a hundred data feeds, amounting to billions of records, to analyze manual touchpoints within their Operations division. You will learn how this dynamic framework, via a suite of macros and templates, standardizes common steps in the data flow, like data acquisition from multiple formats, data storage, aggregation, and output format. Now adopted across several business lines, this framework facilitates feed onboarding, leaving data analysts to focus on what really matters - data transformation. Learn how a single master workflow enforces standardization across teams at JPMorgan Chase, and prevents manual work and duplication of effort, freeing analysts to analyze the data and think in new ways.

Pawel Toczynski - VP, Data Analyst

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Fuzzy Match Made in Heaven for Kimberly-Clark

With over 125K Salesforce records and 300K customer sell-out records, Kimberly-Clark needed to de-duplicate all their EMEA Salesforce accounts to match the remaining accounts to their customer sell-out database. Enter a reliable and dynamic Alteryx workflow. As a result, they built an Alteryx process that allows them to find up-to-date links between Salesforce and their data lake, enabling a broader understanding of their customers’ activities. Join to hear how this process is helping Kimberley-Clark provide more valuable insights, serving as a vital link in the creation of their single customer view database. In this session, you will learn how an Alteryx workflow found 900 Salesforce dedupe matches and 64K Salesforce and customer sell-out matches, whilst ensuring the accuracy remained a heavenly 99%. What used to take several days now takes only 15 minutes and leaves loads more time for more impactful analysis.

Elias Kuypers - Data Analyst

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Servers in the Cloud- Transforming the AFCX with Alteryx

Australian Financial Crime Exchange (AFCX) serves as a primary channel in Australia for coordinating the fight against financial and cybercrime. Alteryx Server was introduced into a highly secured private cloud to manage incoming data cleaning, validation, as well as outgoing analytics using in-database workflows scheduled in the Alteryx Gallery. Join this session to learn about their implementation journey, including their business problem and challenges, how they are using the Rest API to connect to Atlassian JIRA and existing automation systems, how they built a dynamic universal workflow to validate 13 unique data sets on demand, and how they are optimising efficiency with In-DB for customised exchange and scheduling. Enjoy hearing lessons and benefits on implementation plus how to turn seven hours into seven seconds!

Suzanne Nieuwenhuizen - Sr. Data Analyst

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Improving Student & Income Planning at University of Nottingham with Alteryx

Student number planning seems straightforward - it’s forecasting how many students and therefore how much income a university is likely to have over the next five years. While that may sound easy, there is a world of complexity that makes it extremely challenging. Learn how the University of Nottingham has moved away from traditional financial planning tools and pioneered an innovative approach using Alteryx. This empowers them with more flexible testing of different scenarios by easily changing various parts of their analytics model. This new process allows the University to be more transparent; to keep all their data at its most granular level; and most importantly, with hundreds of millions of pounds at stake, ensure the data is right. Join to hear about the University’s journey with analytics, and how they continue to alter their model for efficiency, ultimately getting students in the door.

Neil Davidson - Head of Statutory Student Reporting & Analytics
James Storey - Planning Officer
Jennie Holland - Planning Officer - Student Analytics

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A Passage to Automated Retail Reporting at Now TV

Even when you are relatively new to Alteryx, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The team at Now TV, in just a short time, created an app that analyses retailer sales performance to track where customers are most likely to purchase Now TV devices and gift cards. The app takes a large volume of disparate datasets from different retailers (all with different reporting types) down to field and SKU names and transforms that data into a set of consistent flat files that are analysed in Alteryx and visualised in Tableau. This previously manual process used to take a whole day. Join to learn about their passage to automated reporting, where they now spend more time analysing and less time building reports, enabling Now TV with richer analysis faster than they ever thought possible.

Danny Evans - Retail Insights Analyst
Sam Underhill - Senior Commercial Planning Manager
Andrew Uttley - Analytics Consultant

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Dubai Airports Uses Alteryx to Enable Automation, Reporting and Analytics

Dubai Airport is the third busiest airport in the world, with 90 million passengers annually. With Alteryx, they have progressed their journey from spreadsheets and manual scripting, to dedicated SQL servers for analytics and 300+ regular viewers of Tableau Server reports across their organization. Financial reporting required processing 160 Excel spreadsheets and took 4 people one week; this now takes 1 person 5 minutes each month. With Alteryx, they are also using Google APIs to gauge and automate airport traveler sentiment; and created tools to automatically prepare input and output data for their simulation software, a process which could take several days now runs in minutes. Join to learn the specifics about these use cases across airport functions, and their associated time-to-value benefits.

Lennart Prins - Head of Business Information

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The Great Glue Between WMS, Website, Accounts and Marketing & Google

UK Tool Centre has operated a large showroom of 10,000+ products for over 60 years, and recently launched their ecommerce channel. Like many fast growing b2c businesses, they struggled with a complex retail buying structure, and the ability to link their Warehouse Management System (WMS) across logistics, supply chain, and marketing functions. Alteryx serves as the great glue between their website and core accounts systems, and departments such as marketing - who once struggled to get meaningful performance data from the WMS – can now glean insights every day. Join to learn how UK Tool Centre has modernized multiple business departments by orchestrating analytics harmony across multiple systems, and garnered results beyond their expectations.

Phil Balderson - CEO

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From Cleaning Dirty Data to Building Organizational Trust at Biogen

Biogen embarked on a journey to find a complete solution to improve the quality and trust that their stewards could control, operate, and tweak data without heavily relying on SQL. When investing in fancy data warehouses and best-in-class visualization tools didn’t fully work, they needed a more complete process, so constituents could begin to trust the report data. With transparency, data lineage, and data communication as top priorities, Biogen adopted an end-to-end Alteryx solution and created over 150 data quality rules. These data quality rules were a combination of statistical methods and augmented human inputs. Utilizing these rules each of the 20 million rows across 10 data areas were individually flagged as pass or fail. Join this session to learn how a deemed impossible task transformed into an analytics hero journey, leading to increased adoption of data for better business insights across Biogen.

Mark Frisch - CEO & Founder, Marquee Crew
Andrew McLaughlin - Sr. Data Operations Manager
Sourav Dutt - Director
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Journey to the Center of Excellence for Schlumberger

Embarking on an analytics transformational journey yields some incredible stories with even more incredible numbers. Learn about Schlumberger’s amazing voyage of creating an analytics and automation Center of Excellence that started with one member and rocketed to sixty in only three years. This session will share how they went from zero to 48,000 current customers, ranging across several business functions including Finance, Human Resources, and Supply Chain. With 200+ solutions delivered to help Shared Services become an enterprise level driven organization, expect to hear about “data aha” moments related to pipeline management, development and sustained governance, and custom Alteryx toolsets, along with the ultimate impact to the business, and finally lessons learned along the way.

Luis Ignacio Pena Hernandez - SSO Data and Analytics IT Service Delivery Manager, PMP
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From Absence of Alteryx to Adoption - Altering Business Outcomes at Formica

Formica manufactures surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers around the world. With warehouses in four different countries and over 65,000 different product combination options for their European business alone, Formica needed a way to maximize both their inventory and sales revenue. Join this session to learn how in just over a year, they went from having no idea who or what Alteryx was to use it every day to answer business questions across many functions. Find out how Alteryx helped them save over €3.5M in inventory and improve marketing efforts by targeting the most profitable product offerings, and the unexpected but significant people and engagement benefits they have experienced on their journey.

Rick Houghton - GM IT
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SDK Supernova: Expanding Alteryx with Custom Functions

Alteryx SDKs provide an amazing opportunity to Alter.Alteryx, and to expand the capabilities of the platform to solve tasks exactly to your needs. This session will explore one of the oldest of the SDKs and show you how to create custom Alteryx functions. Centering around the Abacus library, learn how to alter expressions to be clearer and shorter, using just XML macro functions before seeing some of the possibilities and power that can be leveraged with the full SDK. The session will then explore how the library is built, tested, and deployed - showing you some tips and tricks that you can use to then create our own functions.

James Dunkerley - Technical Architect

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The Amazing ACE Race: An Interactive ACE Panel Showdown

Ever wondered about the best tricks Alteryx ACEs have up their sleeves? Curious what they would say when forced to pick their favorite macro? Or, what an ACE considers to be their Ace of All Workflows? And who will reign victorious when pitted against one another with a buzzer in hand? Come witness an exciting, competitive, and interactive panel of our bravest Alteryx ACEs as they go head-to-head in several rounds of rapid-fire questions and choose who will stand victorious with the winning hand. You’re guaranteed to walk away from this session with a pounding heart and a deck of tricks to put up your own Alteryx sleeve.

Nicole Johnson - Business Data/Analyst
Joe Lipski - Consultant
Chris Love - Account Manager
James Dunkerley - Technical Architect
Daniel Brun - Consultant
Mark Frisch - CEO & Founder, Marquee crew

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Warm and Fuzzy Matching

Ever wonder about the Fuzzy Matching tool? Does the name give you the "warm and fuzzies," but you are stuck on how best to incorporate it? In this duo session, Chris and Mark will discuss two perspectives in the art of Fuzzy Matching. Chris will explain why it is his go-to tool along with the magic he can create with it. Mark will show alternatives for matching using other tools in his Alteryx arsenal. You'll be the judge as the pair argue the pros and cons of each approach using examples with "imagined" data. Come to watch them debate, gain a few best practices, and be ready to discuss the challenges that you face.

Mark Frisch - CEO & Founder
Chris Love - Account Manager
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What Do Beer and Harry Potter have to do with Alteryx? Web Scraping with Alteryx

Daniel and Joe have a few all-time favorite London staples, and it absolutely includes beer and Harry Potter. Now, they are on a mission to find out what’s trending in the wizardry world. Plus, they want to know for certain which beer Londonites love the most? In this joint-ACE session, they will demonstrate live Alteryx Twitter scraping coupled with sentiment analytics, Google Vision, and Tableau API integrations. Prepare to see how to create reports, analyze content and pictures, and share said reports using Google Mail. Though they won’t serve beer, they promise you’ll fly away with a magical Alteryx buzz!

Joe Lipski - Consultant
Daniel Brun - Consultant
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Alteryx Tips & Tricks: Alter Your Flow

The always popular Inspire US Tips & Tricks session is taking a trip to London. Join us for the inaugural edition of Tips and Tricks at Inspire Europe ! Come ready to be dazzled with time-tested, new Alteryx gems crowdsourced from our community of Alteryx experts and get set up for success. We will cover everything from workflow design, organization and optimization to our best time savers. If you happen to have a trick or two up your sleeve, this will be the right place to show it off.

Margarita Wilshire - Sr. Supervisor, Customer Support
Jess Silveri - Premium Support Advisor

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Alteryx-ing the Weekly Challenge

Every Monday, our savvy training team posts a tricky problem to solve using Alteryx. Our online Community members clamor to be the first to solve it, and in some cases, they may solve it many times over. In this session, we'll tackle the week's challenge in teams so you can fulfill your squad goals of summiting the peak of the week. Expect to learn a few new skills by collaborating with others. We'll raise the stakes with games and surprises. Now... are you up for the Challenge?

Nicole Johnson - Business Data/Analyst


Murder Mystery Challenge Plotted by The Information Lab

The sun is shining on present day London. But what lies deep in the dark corners is a mysterious case that the Metropolitan Police Department is completely stumped on how to solve. Who can they call? None other than London’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes equipped with the greatest end-to-end platform. Join us as we use Alteryx to help Sherlock solve the mystery before it's too late. This fiendish, clandestine coup created by The Information Lab will push the problem-solving skills of you (and your team) to the limit. You’ll learn new tools and ways of solving problems in Alteryx that you never knew were possible.

Philip Mannering - Data Consultant
Ben Moss - Consulting Analyst
Chris Love - Account Manager
Neil Lord - Tableau and Alteryx Consultant
George Walker - Tableau and Alteryx Consultant


Perfect Your Predictive: Sound Practices for Interpreting and Comparing Predictive Models

Have you been curious about Alteryx's predictive tools for some time? Maybe you're trained up on the mechanics of how to build predictive models with Alteryx. Or, you're on your first predictive analytics project with several models that you think will help answer your business question, but you don't know how to interpret, make intuitice sense, or choose the right models out of the ones you've created. In this session, we will provide you with guidance and toolds, for both interpreting and comparing predictive models with the end-to-end platform, by illustrating best practices in teh is area within an Alteryx context.

Dan Putler - Chief Data Scientist

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Testing (Testing, 1-2-3) Alteryx Workflows

You've built your Alteryx workflow to process your data, but are you certain it works how you intended it to? Can you be certain it will work months from now when the data format changes? In this session, we'll look at different automated ways to test your workflow, starting with features built into the product and moving on to some other handy 3rd party tools. Walk out of this session knowing the importance of testing, building your workflows using Test-Driven Development, plus see how Alteryx test workflows.

Adam Riley - Principal Engineer

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Introducing Alteryx Visualytics: From Raw Data to Sound Insights

Alteryx Visualytics is about helping you understand and feel confident in working with your data at every step in the analytic process: from data profiling to building visual output and sharing with others. This not to be missed session will walk you through the new and exciting Visualytics developments we've made and continue to make to help you win your day back. Learn what we've done to-date as well as a sneak peek into some exciting new features coming soon.

Katie Haralson - Sr. Product Manager

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Efficiency is Back in Town: Best Practices for Efficient Workflow Development

Are you bogged down in your workflows? Join this session to learn tips and tricks for improving your workflow development process, from reducing rework, mistakes, and confusion, to improving the data processing story your workflow is telling. If you're new to Alteryx, you'll learn a few tricks that may help you avoid pitfalls. If you're already an expert, you'll learn a few subtle aspects to Alteryx that may help you cut seconds, or even minutes, off your overall process.

Rachel Wynn - Product Manager

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Takin' care of R and Python Model Deployment Business with Alteryx Promote

Wish you could easily deploy models so people can use them? In this session, you'll get an overview of the Promote product and see how it can help you take care of business. We'll walk through a statistical model, deploy a version of the model from all three of the clients (Designer, Python, R), and show off how this looks in a real-world type setting with a demo of a web application that uses this model.

Colin Ristig - Sr. Product Manager

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The Altered States of Code

Ever wish you could build a custom Alteryx tool? Join this live coding environment where attendees will see what it takes to do just that. Participants will learn how to get started, tips and tricks, and even how to debug. If you want to learn how to work with the HTML GUI SDK, or how to connect Alteryx tools to something like a web-service, this is the session for you.

Tasha Alfano - Manager, Platform Extensibility

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Life in the Fast Lane

Are you excited to hop in the fast lane and start using Alteryx Server to drive enterprise-scale analytics... but still have a few questions? In this session, we'll start with sharing how to optimally configure Server then we'll talk deployment options and best practices for deploying on-premise or on major cloud providers. Last, we'll talk about how and when to scale.

Julie Mendelson - Product Manager

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Mastering the First Mile of Analytics

As the amount of data continues to grow at exponential rates, it’s harder than ever to find and access vital data you need to find new insights – slowing down the analysis process. Alteryx Connect is designed to speed up this first mile of analytics by organizing your analytic assets, facilitating understanding and trust, and providing a single platform for collaboration so you can spend your time focusing on new insights. Join this session to learn more about how Connect shortens the distance from business problem to solution, and come away with some tips for ‘race planning’ your own first mile!

Nick Jewell - Director, Product Strategy

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