ETL GZ data with Trifacta

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GZ files are compressed files that are created with the gzip compression utility.

ETL GZ data to your data warehouse, such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks, etc., in seconds. With Trifacta's GZ data connector, you can transform, automate, and monitor your GZ data pipeline in real-time. No code required.


Join GZ data with any data source

Combine datasets from any data source with your GZ data. Connect to any data - Trifacta's data integration workflow supports a wide variety of cloud data lakes, data warehouses, applications, open APIs, file systems, and allows for flexible execution, including SQL, dbt, Spark, and Python. Whether it's joining GZ data with your Salesforce CRM data, HubSpot engagement data, or a CSV or Excel file, Trifacta's visual workflow lets you interactively access, preview, and standardize joined data with ease.

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GZ to your data warehouse in minutes

ETL your GZ data to the destination of your choice.


No-code automation for your GZ data pipeline

Trifacta empowers data access for everyone to easily build data engineering pipelines at scale. With a few simple clicks, automate your data pipeline with ease. No more tedious manual uploads, resource-intensive transformations, and waiting for scheduled tasks. Deploy and manage your self-service GZ data pipeline in minutes, not months.

Ensure quality data every time.

No matter how you need to combine and transform GZ data, ensure that the end result is high-quality data, every time. Trifacta automatically surfaces outliers, missing data, and errors and its predictive transformation approach allows you to make the best possible transformations to your data.

Schedule, automate, repeat.

Automate your GZ data pipelines with job scheduling so that the right GZ data is structured when you need it. When new GZ data lands in your database, let your scheduled data pipelines do the work of preparing it for you—no manual intervention required.

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Maximize the value of your GZ data.

ETL GZ data into a database in order to enrich it with data from other applications, such as your CRM or marketing platform. No longer will your GZ data be isolated from the rest of your company’s critical data; instead, you’ll discover new, unforeseen insights and connect the dots across your company like never before.


"Designer Cloud allows us to quickly view and understand new datasets, and its flexibility supports our data transformation needs. The GUI is nicely designed, so the learning curve is minimal. Our initial data preparation work is now completed in minutes, not hours or days."


Use cases for the GZ data connector

  • Sales: Decompress huge amounts of prospective customer information sent via GZ files and combine them with Salesforce data.

  • Marketing: Receive compressed marketing content as GZ files and integrate the content as part of vital marketing campaigns.

  • HR: Enrich huge amounts of employee information, sent in the form of GZ files, with updated personal information.

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