3-Step Approach to Accurate Forecasts with AutoML

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300 million records. 57 different data sources. One goal: forecast imports and exports for The Port of Melbourne.

For most organizations, this would be a daunting task. But GHD, a global professional services company, did it in a few weeks.

Learn how GHD transformed vast, disparate data into an accurate forecast that enabled The Port of Melbourne to make key decisions on infrastructure investments — a process that normally takes months.

In this 3-Step Approach to Accurate Forecasts with AutoML webinar, learn:

  • How GHD created a successful, repeatable approach to developing forecasting models with autoML
  • Best practices for using vast amounts of data to forecast 12 months of logistics and freight activity with high accuracy
  • How autoML can accelerate your forecasting processes, speeding up the time it takes to develop models

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