Machine Learning: Data Foundations For Success

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You’re finally ready to take the next step in your analytics journey and create machine-learning predictive models. But does your data have the chops to perform?

Start on the right foot and discover whether you’ve got what it takes (data-wise) to build good predictive models.

Watch our webinar to learn how to lay the data foundation for trustworthy predictive models. Learn how to determine if your data’s up to the task for machine learning and how to prepare your data to make the most useful predictive model possible.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Uncover the core processes underlying successful predictive modeling
  • Learn how to assess your data for making a good machine-learning model
  • Discover how to properly prepare data for useful predictive models
  • Understand how your data affects your predictive model choices
  • Watch a real data set become a working predictive model, live and without coding!

Get ready to unleash machine learning in your own analytics and start predicting results and estimating outcomes with unprecedented speed and accuracy! Watch today.


Melissa Burroughs
Product Evangelist

Brandon Koudelka
Solutions Engineer


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