Microsoft スターターキット

Amplify Your Microsoft Infrastructure with Alteryx

Microsoft Starter Kit

This Starter Kit provides analytic templates to jumpstart your integration with Microsoft Azure and Power BI suite. Examples include fuzzy matching, acquiring new customers, and streamlining supply chains. Automate publishing insights to Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Starter Kit

  • Quickly prepare, blend, and enrich data with the help of hundreds of automation building blocks
  • Publish your insights directly to a Microsoft Power BI dashboard
  • Build rich insights using geospatial, statistical, and predictive analytics on large data sets using drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code analytics
  • Leverage ready-to-use business solutions including predicting new customers and finding nearby resellers


Example Analytic Templates and More

microsoft starterkit

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Starter Kit Features

Fuzzy Match Your Data

Create stronger datasets from Excel and SQL by fuzzy matching similar but not identical data, pushing insights to Power BI

Predict New Customers

Quickly identify and target prospective customers utilizing predictive analytic models

Find Nearby Resellers

Optimize your supply chain by identifying profitable and high-potential resellers with geospatial analysis


Alteryx があったからこそ、高い目標を乗り越え、コロナ禍において事業を継続することができました。データ収集プロセスを自動化したことで、推定で 130 万ドルのコスト削減と、生産性の 800% 向上が実現しています。

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