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Automated Lead Routing for Marketing, Sales, and Service

Automate lead routing to pass leads smoothly from marketing to the sales representative best suited to the prospect. With a robust, analytics-driven lead management process you can accelerate pipeline generation and close more business.

Efficiency Gains

Focus sales efforts on leads likely to close

Top-Line Growth

Close more deals

Risk Mitigation

Moderate customer outreach

Business Problem

How do you route incoming sales leads in your company? Most companies are moving away from manual processes like spreadsheets and ad hoc databases as quickly as possible and relying on customer relationship management (CRM) systems. CRM software distributes leads to salespeople according to criteria like geography, product, lead score, and availability of the sales representatives. But the more your sales organization grows, especially across territories and sales centers, the more work is involved in accurately routing and assigning leads. It becomes difficult to ensure that leads don’t fall into the cracks between marketing and sales, go stale, and turn into a sales opportunity for a competitor.

Analytics Solution

Automated lead routing shortens the response time in sales and keeps leads from going stale. When the lead is routed, the system instantly notifies a representative via text and email, facilitating a prompt reply to the inquiry.

Alteryx uses analytics to match new leads to sales representatives according to configurable attributes. If no match is immediately available, it determines the next-best routing to ensure that leads do not languish in the queue and go stale. Replace unreliable, manual processes and unwieldy CRM systems with automated lead routing.

Predictive Analytics Workflow

1 - Data Access

Inputting and joining data from different sources to combine CRM and territory data

2 - Prep and Blend

Create custom calculations and logic, standardize and sanity check data to ensure correct mappings and fields per region

3 - Data Connectors

Output for reporting, as well as to Tableau for dashboarding

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